Happy Halloween from PotPieGirl !

Last Update: October 31, 2018

It's Halloween and I've got my costume on at work today! Don't worry, my Boss said it was ok to dress up today (my Boss is really cool that way... oh wait, my Boss is ME lol!)

Want to see my costume?

Here ya go.... Here I am in my office in my costume...

Yes, I want ALL. THE. CANDY!

Ok, just kidding, I really only want the CHOCOLATE =)

As a fun side note: one of my grandsons really doesn't like chocolate [GASP!] so I've been extra nice to him all year long hoping for the trade-off tonight...haha!

He's 4, and I can totally bribe his chocolate from him in exchange for grapes or Sour Patch Kids.

Actually, I don't think I'll need to bribe him at all...

We kinda got a love thing going on =)

That's me and my "Bug" (my nickname for him) - he's the best!

If I had only known just how amazing grandkids are, I woulda had them first!

Fun story about my Bug...

Bug's Mom (my daughter) works with me - she's been learning blogging and all that fun stuff we do (in fact, she's here in WA too).

So my daughter has the Wordpress App on her phone (she can acutally blog from her phone - I am totally incapable of doing that!).

Last week, Bug got ahold of her phone, got into her Wordpress App and...


Yes, he's 4!

Now, the "post" was just random strings of letters, but it was published!

I just happened to see it pop up in my notifications and I thought her site had been hacked! hahahahahaha!

(yes, it kinda looked like what some hackers do!)

So, my 4 year old grandson is now officially a blogger.

I wonder where he gets THAT from? =)

I always say to my daughter,

"Apples and trees.... Apples and trees"

It's so funny to me that wayyyyyy back 10+ years ago when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, my daughter was a teenager and the thought of grandchildren was not anywhere on the radar.

Heck, I was just trying to pay the bills back then!

Now both my daughter (AND my grandson lol!) are doing what I was trying to learn and do back then.

I just LOVE it!

So enough rambling from me...

Do YOU have plans for Halloween?

We don't get trick or treaters here at my house. I live in a small 8 house neighborhood and my house is WAY up a hill - if any kid makes it up to MY front door, I'll probably just give them money (and a bottle of water...lol!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Have fun and be safe!

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Terand Premium
Omg, 10 years!
Thank you for sharing, Jennifer! 👍😉
CherylK Premium
Happy Halloween, Jennifer! Had to laugh when I read about your grandson...I have three daughters and the first two we called Big Bug and Little Bug!
PotPieGirl Premium
That's so cute! Happy Halloween to you, too!
smartketeer Premium
Happy Halloween Jennifer!
PotPieGirl Premium
Thank you! Same to you!