Power of Backlinks Demonstrated

Last Update: July 27, 2011

Note: Before you read this post I am not in anyway saying you should do this. This is purely an example, with proof, to show what backlinks can do.

Do you know how powerful backlinks are? Sure they can help you rank well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), but did you know that with backlinks alone you can maniuplate the SERPs?

I have in the past shown examples of ranking a website for a keyword phrase that is not included on that site, and that alone goes against the very nature of what we all learn about SEO. Now there are reason why this can be done, the more competition in a niche the harder it will be.

However I can show you something even more amazing, ranking a site for a keyword that is both not mentioned on the website AND has no relevance at all to the websites content.

Go visit Google and search for:

st louis aids cure

And you should see something like this:


What we have here is 4000 forum profile links with the anchor text 'st louis aids cure' being pointed at www.stlouisautoglass.net, and that has resulted in them ranking for this phrase. They obviously have NOTHING to do with this search phrase.

Now you are not going to get results like this from some dodgy Xrumer blast on Fiverr from some noob, so don't rush off and order 10,000 profiles (done wrong you can really mess things up).

 However I hope that helps to show you how powerful just backlinks can be. Imagine if you added them to a consistent and high quality backlinking structure...

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Pobman Premium
FYI the above has been page 1 in the SERPs for 13 months now. It was position 1 before Panda...
Pobman Premium
@jatdebeaune: well this is an extreme example, and its partly down to the fact that Google likes to show some results rather than none. If you tried doing this in a competitive niche you could rank still but you would not get a page 1 result, well not so easily... the point being it is not as black and white as many people say...
Pobman Premium
@Labman ... with regards to local search I am using Google.com.au ... so while the local search element of 'st louis' is valid the fact it turns up here in Oz is not. Also if you think they are ranking for the term 'st louis' then you would be wrong, it is the whole term... the company actually no longer exists, which was one of the reason that URL was picked to test this out.
Labman Premium
Looks like local marketing strikes again. St. Louis Auto Glass probably has a local SEO link workin for it.
jatdebeaune Premium
Wow, thanks Pobman. Guess relevancy doesn't always apply. Explains a lot.