Jay's Webinar - Definitely worth staying up for!

Last Update: November 04, 2010

Just stayed up (in the UK) for my first webinar ever!

Have to say if you're thinking of attending, just do it. I'm in the UK so it's silly o'clock but it was absolutely great and I'll definitely do it again.

Jay's got such an easy going but thorough approach ... wish my TL had some of that [lol]!

I LOVE this work ... love it love it love it!

Thanks Jay

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magistudios Premium
I had to google 'TL abbreviations' to figure that out.. lol

Thank you, I'm flattered ;)
jatdebeaune Premium
Hah Paula, me too. I'm with you all the way. Jay's a natural teacher. You had to get up the middle of the night. It's 1:00AM in UK?
Labman Premium
TL? I guess I'm just not up on all the abbreviations.