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Said in chat earlier I'd drop a screenshot but for the life of me I can't remember who it was to (I know I'm a bad person!)Anyway said screenshot is here: If yours doesn't look like this drop Kyle a PM.Muchly apologeticPaula.
This is a totally none IM related and random question so I'll get right to the point:Does you or anybody you know use Vitamin D and if so would you be willing to give me a quick bit of info on why you use it, what strength and do you see / feel any discernible benefit?This is nothing to do with any marketing, it's a personal issue of how to survive Winter without hibernating which I swear I'm just not ruling out for next year!Thanks if you can help, no worries if it's not up your
I've got a lot of separate family issues going on at the moment. I'm focusing my attention there so I'm not in WA too much. In fact I'm a little gutted because I'm behind in my WA club which is so great and I've already got such a lot from. But these issues have to be faced and tackling them head on is the best way to do it, otherwise they'll stack up as baggage and regrets. I just want to let my buddies know my heart is here and I stop by and visit even if I don't have the energy right now to
Just stayed up (in the UK) for my first webinar ever! Have to say if you're thinking of attending, just do it. I'm in the UK so it's silly o'clock but it was absolutely great and I'll definitely do it again. Jay's got such an easy going but thorough approach ... wish my TL had some of that [lol]! I LOVE this work ... love it love it love it! Thanks Jay
October 15, 2010
Y'know what ... I've got four brick walls, one to each side and one back and front ... So I'm going down out my trap door [lol]. Ezine, keywords, blog, physical products, practice and another little project ... aaaarh!!!! All great opportunities but man, do I feel trapped by too many bricks! So I'm giving myself permission to have time out for a few days, take the pressure off and play a little at whatever takes my fancy, and taking the word 'should' out of my personal vocabulary for a while ..
if this ************ keyword research doesn't prove the death of me first!!!! Grrrrrrr ... Right. Off to watch telly and be very grumpy. Vent over - feel better.
Earlier on this week it occurred to me that a way to break through many obstacles is a simple commitment to making mistakes - full on. I mean positively embracing them, rushing forward to met them with open arms, so to speak. That should blast through a few perfectionist cobwebs if nothing else!  I'm sure I've heard something similar before but I don't know, it just felt a stronger feeling in the shower this week. Maybe it was striving for Platinum and then being afraid to lose it that trig
October 04, 2010
It's a funny old game :) ! Over the weekend I received email saying I'd achieved platinum EzineArticle status and I was like a dog with two tails. At that point I hadn't had my 10th article submission reviewed, and my first one (way back) was initially rejected. I'd not done anything really bad, it was just my first attempt at article writing when I knew nothing about it and very little about IM in general. So I was pretty chuffed. In fact I think it meant more to me that all my educational cert
Hey all, I stopped by today as a little treat to myself. I've been hard at IM work and not allowed myself to be distracted. I LOVE WA and I always learn and benefit from the time I spend in here. That said, as we all know, sometimes too much IM allocated time flies by when we're in here, and before we know it we have to get back to non-cyber life and we've taken little action towards our tangible goals. So today I notice my member rank has fallen ... well pummeted would be a better word [lol]! A
I just don’t know where I stand on this one. I would never recommend anybody buy something if I didn’t feel they would benefit from it. I take that back, I never recommend anybody buys anything. (That’s probably why I’m about to get the sack [lol]. Actually I’m not laughing about that because it’s got some pretty serious ramifications.) I do recommend people take a look at something if I feel it would benefit them. I usually tell them why, but I always make sure they realise in the