Economics 101

Last Update: March 13, 2022

Have you ever tried to figure out how our economic machine really works? I try all the time and most of the time, I remain really confused.

Recently I came across a gentleman that explains quite simply “Economics 101.” His name is Ray Dalio.

His work has helped in my understanding and he has become somewhat of a mentor in my efforts moving forward. I trust that his explanations will help your understanding also.

Spouse: Barbara Dalio

Net Worth: USD $18.7 Billion (February 2020)

Children: Paul Dalio, Devon Dalio (deceased), Matt Dalio

Education: Long Island University, Harvard University, LIU Post, Harvard Business School.

This person, even though I do not know him personally, has had an impact .

There is much to share and I want to keep the posts short.

I am looking forward to sharing with the WA community if they would want.

Paul Mindra from Canada.

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SamiWilliams Premium Plus
Always in the learning mode
PMindra Premium
Thank you, Sami.
I am going to start in small steps if that is OK with you.
Your response is cherished.

The next will be :
How The Economic Machine Works

Followed by:
The 3 Rules of thumb.

Hopefully, I get a chance here.

Communicate soon.

Matt44000 Premium Plus
Go for it!
FKelso Premium Plus
We are always ready to learn something new. Bring on your info!