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March 13, 2022
Have you ever tried to figure out how our economic machine really works? I try all the time and most of the time, I remain really confused.Recently I came across a gentleman that explains quite simply “Economics 101.” His name is Ray Dalio.His work has helped in my understanding and he has become somewhat of a mentor in my efforts moving forward. I trust that his explanations will help your understanding also.Spouse: Barbara DalioNet Worth: USD $18.7 Billion (February 2020)Children:
February 26, 2022
Wealthy Affiliate leverages the latest and greatest technology along with a unique integration into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. They utilize what is called HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) which is an encoding standard in Adaptive Bitrate Video. The advantage of using this technology is that it recognizes user connection speed (bandwidth capacity) and delivers the videos in the most appropriate format.What this means is that if you are on a fast connection, you will get a higher resolution video.
Hi WA Members.Paul Mindra here from Canada.People want, but they do not do. Below is an example. Hi Paul,ysSJxWhFcKT is now following you within This means that your actions will now reach more people, increasing traffic and exposure to your contributions!To view this user's profile visit this page: Friends,Kyle and Carson.I have reached out to this person so many times that I now feel "Like A Fool."Has anyone had similar exp
Hello and warm regards to our Wealthy Affiliate Community.Paul Mindra here from Southern Ontario, Canada.Listen,What a fantastic Wealthy Affiliate journey this has been for me. In the next month, I will be renewing my yearly membership going into year 7.I would like to thank Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim for "Grandfathering" me into their beliefs in me because I believed and continue to believe in them. I cannot put any links and stuff here (kind of frustrating - but understandable) because of ou
April 21, 2021
Hi WA Family.This post is in reference to my last post.What is more necessary? Comments or likes?I have more comments than likes.What does that mean about my post?Your thoughts would be valued.Peace, love and light from Canada,Paul
The year the earth changed.Greetings WA Family.COVID-19 is changing the world as we have known it. Call it fate, call it whatever, but in my case, I am fortunate that I am still no longer in the Hospitality Industry which has been decimated by this worldwide epidemic.I am so glad that I came across The Wealthy Affiliate platform and that I can control my own destiny from here on out from the comfort of my home.Starting a success online can be done, but it requires effort.In March of 2020, it wa
April 01, 2021
Hi Wa Family.Paul Mindra here from Canada.I trust that all are well during these very confusing times commonly now known as a worldwide pandemic.I personally had a scare on April 5th, 2020 and since then have lost 4 and 2 are finally out of the ICU. The 2 that survived are actually having to learn some basic skills again like breathing and walking. Many say that this Corona is a Scam to take further control over us.That may very well be but not for me to decide for others. Live and let live, to
March 13, 2021
Do we have enough food to feed the world? Monster Insights though at AIO SEO.What is 'Monster Insights?"Who is using it?Why are you using it?What purpose does it serve?Excuse my ignorance.Is it possible to start a conversation about this particular space? regards,Your fellow member from Ontario, Canada.@PMindra
October 04, 2020
Our Father:My Father,Who now art in heaven.Hallowed be your name.In accordance with your father, and fathers before your father , there is a kingdom that will come and remain.My Mother,Who art in heaven.Hallowed will be your name too.Your jouney was with my father not even knowing your father. Your father left you at an early age leaving you with father’s of father that had distant fathers of a strange that you could not explain.You had fathers of fathers, but not a father that you could
September 20, 2019
Greetings.Earlier today, Fleeky 1 submitted a Warning.Thank you Fleeky. responded with the following:Namaskaran back to you, Fleeky.I think I am set to 'friends' so I have probably not seen as many spams as others may have.A few have come through, well written but hinting of a foul odour.I can see how WA could become a 'spamming paradise' with so many members throughout the world both active and inactive.Fortunately we are s