My website scare.

Last Update: February 03, 2016

Things were going along well for me on my WA journey (I'm coming up on three months soon). I was building my social media numbers and getting some traffic on my site. Not huge numbers, but coming along. Then the traffic seemed to dry up completely. For 7 days now there hasn't been a single visitor. At least that's what Google Analytics told me. Non one for 7 days! I could swear I saw tumbleweeds roll across the screen.

I though, maybe analytics is broken, but I though, well how could that happen? But when I looked into webmaster tools it did say that my site was not verified. All I can think is that I did changed my theme at about the time that the traffic stopped.

So It was a little frightening but now it's fixed and I am glad to learn a few things.

That my site is fine and I need to have more faith in it

When things look broken maybe they are

When you make changes you need to check that everything is working

When things are broken they are not that hard to fix.

And of course I have to thank the WA community, because when I did start to look for the answers they were right there.

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
Good story.
Lemark Premium
Great to hear that everything is in order and that you've learned a thing or two :)

BTW, I've read the title of your post as 'My website care' :)
Harrysastar2 Premium
As Bob The Builder in a UK children's program sings: "Can We Fix It? Yes We Can."
Jim-Bo Premium
aye! they say if it ain't broke, don't fix it! lol

whitsunday Premium
Ah yes, the tumbleweeds and the crickets!
playfulheart Premium
How can they be so loud?