Crazy Weekend!

Last Update: March 23, 2018

This weekend will be crazy but great!

We will wake up early and drive a few hours to participate in a Spartan Sprint! This will be my third and my wife's first. She is nervous but I keep reminding here that it will be fun and she will do great!

Better than the first time

My first Spartan Sprint was in Colorado! Just the beauty of the mountains made it worth it when I could barely breath while I carried sand bags up steep inclines. My wife could not participate in that event because of an injury.

When we arrived in Colorado, I became short of breath just walking from the car to the hotel from entrance. I knew I was in for a treat. I had not taken the altitude into consideration. I completed the sprint and never felt better.

Very similar to WA

I was not a member of WA when I participated in my first Spartan sprint. However, they are very similar. You have to prepare and practice daily. You take on a mentor/trainer and follow their guidance. You should put in the time but also take time to recover. You should join a group and work together to reach your goals. And finally, you will achieve greatness and freedom after all the hard work.

Work Hard, Play Harder

We have trained for many months in the early hours of the day. We have eaten a strict diet too. We have dropped weight, pant sizes, gained muscle and we are only half-way to our goals. This has been hard work for both of us but it will be well worth it.

After the race, we will race to the airport and catch a plan to Virginia. We have never visited Virginia. I hope to find a nice spa where we can relax and recover from the race.

I will take pics and capture thoughts to share on my website blog as well as blog about any gear that we used in the race. It is really great that we can post while we travel on WA.

Have a great weekend! Wish us luck! We surely will need it!

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rileyroman Premium
Best to you...
MKearns Premium
Are you into Parkour Jessie?
pitofly Premium
No. However, I will be participating in a Ruck in August. It is a 12 hour event at night. No Rucker left behind! It will be my first. Hopefully not my last. :)
skendrick4 Premium
Good luck!
pitofly Premium
gjshawk Premium
Good luck! I've got my third Frontrunner Century 100km bike ride coming up soon, the first weekend in May. Stuff like that is fun, isn't it?
pitofly Premium
Wow Grant! Good luck on the bike ride! I bonked on my first bike ride! My third bike ride will be MS150 later this year.
It sure is fun! Lots of great and amazing people at these events.
Nadja3 Premium
Sounds exciting... Enjoy the weekend