3 Part SEO lesson for beginners.

Last Update: August 02, 2017

Hello again friends,

We have decided to enter the niche of basic lessons too.

Something we will do on the side, next to reviewing products.

Our newest lesson is meant to be the elementary basics of SEO including terms explanation and the basic components.

The lesson consists of an Introduction and 3 Parts in which we clarify what effects Keywords, Links, and Reputation have on SEO and Rankings.

Part I and Part II are already published.

Thanks for passing by.

Stay Free Folks!


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GiuliaB Premium
Excellent idea!! I shall look out for them.

Philipp-Rina Premium
Hey there people,

Thanks for the heads up. It wasn't our intent to generate traffic through this blog but we were just hoping to get some comments and feedback from this great community by sharing our daily experiences and offering to return the favour.
We actually thought that is how we help each other here other than with support and training.
We know there is site feedback and site comments for that. But we thought that this applies to more professional coments and therefore it costs money, which is a little tight at the moment.
Anyhow, let us know if the blog is less spammy to you folks like that (we edited it).
MKearns Premium
Good morning Phillip. Yes we are in a cautionary environment now. Ideas have to be established to extraneous sources than WA for your lead generation!
Ivine Premium
Hi Philipp & Rina, I would take note of the comment from jvranjes
jvranjes Premium
You are not supposed to use WA to drive traffic to your site. If 10 people report spam you will be blocked. Better remove this blog. We all have sites of that sort.