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Hello again friends,We have decided to enter the niche of basic lessons too.Something we will do on the side, next to reviewing products.Our newest lesson is meant to be the elementary basics of SEO including terms explanation and the basic components.The lesson consists of an Introduction and 3 Parts in which we clarify what effects Keywords, Links, and Reputation have on SEO and Rankings.Part I and Part II are already published.Thanks for passing by.Stay Free Folks!Philipp&Rina
August 01, 2017
Hello all you WAers out there,We are finally back!After a tedious and exhausting week of working on our new site design and structure, we are back and ready to rock.This week felt like we were doing something wrong because we were not creating any content.We got stuck after Google's Site Speed Insights showed us that our site was not even average. No! It said BAD every time.After extensive reading and learning on the subject, we decided to change the whole theme, which brought a change in the s
It's been a month since we wrote a new blog, so we decided to let you guys know what we've been up to lately!We started engaging intensively with social media, writing a lot of content and sharing it every day. Trying to reach as many people as possible through all possible channels. Yet it is all not as easy as one might think!We are not so very experienced in that field yet and we probably lack knowledge on how to reach people and get them to visit our website and follow us on social media pl
June 28, 2017
Hello, everybody and how are you doing?We never were very active on social media like Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest. When we started here at WA, we were aware that this is going to change someday.That day is here! We created a Facebook page, a Google+ community, and a Pinterest wall for our website. Soon we will also enter LinkedIn and Instagram.There is still no activity on our pages but there soon will. From now on all our new content will be shared there. We also added our links to our pag
June 12, 2017
Hello again, fellow affiliates!It has been almost one and a half months now on WA and it has been a great time. It is awesome to get to know you all and to commute with you. When we started on the 23rd of April we had a rank of 6453. Now on the 12th of June, we are in the top 600s and we are really proud of that.We are looking forward to knowing and helping more people here and maybe build some friendships.Cheers to all of you and to WA!- Rina & Philipp
Hello dear community,Once more, we'd like to share with you our career progressions.Despite us not being big fans of examinations and gradings, thus, not being people who lay much weight on excelling in them, I finished (and excelled at) my written exams.On Wednesday I need to pass my oral exam (which won't be a problem) and then I will be a certified wholesaler. Although I am going to quit my job at the company I am currently at (where I learned) and will be unemployed for a few weeks, it is s
May 30, 2017
Hey there fellow WAs,The first steps are almost done. The basic framework, pages, and posts are ready to publish and we are pretty sure that we will be entering the next phase of affiliating in the coming few days.It was hard work to get here because we had a lot of interruptions in the past month. Family visits, exams, and sickness made it a slow process to arrive at this point.However, our motivation and dedication prevailed and led us here, hoping to start seeing some results and have our de
Hello everyone! My name is Rina and as you can see Philipp and I have just recently joined the WA community so we are still at the very first steps. But surprisingly to me, I can say a lot about this "brief journey". As some of you have probably seen, Philipp was the one who started this journey by joining WA with the hope that it is the bridge to fulfilling our common dream, or at least a step toward it. (We'll probably write a blog on that soon, so stay tuned ;)!)And to be honest, I was a lit
Hello again everybody,allow me to introduce Rina, my beloved partner of 4 years now. She has been helping me with my work here on WA. She was born and raised in Kosovo and came to Germany 5 years ago to study Business Administration and is doing really great job.The 2 websites we own are run by both of us and we are loving it. So we thought to ourselves that it would be great if we could run our profile here together too.Therefore, "My" Bio is now "Our" Bio and you will be hearing from the both
After I reached course 2 in creating my traveling guide website, I realised how long it is going to take before I started to break even with my expenses (WA and domain). So I decided to start working on a Bootcamp website too. Many may think that this is not wise and you are probably right. But I decided to take things step by step and to work on both sites course by course.Which means that when I complete course 1 in the Bootcamp, I continue to course 3 in my chosen niche and come back to the