Covid-19 Pets update, can your pet get Covid-19?

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Hello, dear Wealthy Affiliate Members!

this's a quick blog/post about the Covid-19 and our beloved pets,

I presume that most of you already know what I'm about to write,

but I like to share it anyway:)

Can pets (animals) get Covid-19?

We all well know that the coronavirus jumped from animal to human...

Yes, pets and other animals can get the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and about that: health officials/authorities say that the risk of them spreading it to people is low. (RIGHT!)

Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, otters, hyenas, and some species of deer are among the animals that have tested positive.

But... I read a medical article about Minks
A few countries in northern Europe have recorded cases of the virus spreading on minks farms from people to mink, and that the virus circulated among the animals before being passed back to the farmworkers. ( the worry is that Coronavirus in minks could speed Mutations of the Virus)
(How easily animals can get and spread the virus might change with different variants)
but according to veterinarians, covid-19 vaccination for pets is still not recommended.

Also, I did read that some zoos in the U.S. and elsewhere have vaccinated big cats and other animals that are at risk of getting the virus through contact with people.

and more to add, in September I was reading that China had killed some cats that have been tested positive to Covid-19!

Anyway, this was just a short post with small info on coronavirus and pets...

if any of you know more, or have researched, or investigated this in deep,

I welcome you to write in the comments your experience and knowledge,

or just what you think about it, and what your opinion is on:

should we start to be more aware of it?

OK, folks, that's all for now:)

wish you a great weekend and be safe and well


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Recent Comments


In Vietnam a lot of pets of people who have tested positive with Covid have been put down automatically with no tests done. Fear is something that should be avoided.
Thanks for the info.

Hello Stephen,
sad to hear that,
and yes fear can be very destructive,
but also there's ignorance that is more destructive.
Thank you for your comment


I totally agree, Stevoi! Fear is what is perpetuating most of this nonsense, IMHO! These things have been around for YEARS!

Cat flu whats that, COvid, Dog flu..we knew about this stuff growing up. Those in power change history to their own desire.

We do, indeed, Stevoi! It is part of the FEAR factor to attain power, Money, and control! The Flu is---you guessed it---a Corona Virus!


Thanks for the info, Pietro. I had to give up my dog when I was in the hospital with COVID for a month. My home seems so empty without her.

My friend who took her for me when I had to go to the hospital had a neighbor that wanted to keep her, and I was too sick to take care of her.

I really miss Leia, and hope she didn't get COVID, as she slept on the couch with me keeping watch over me before I went to the hospital. She has a fenced yard and 4 cats to play with now, so I know she has a really good home. I'm going to go visit her in the spring when I've completely recovered from "post Covid syndrome" and feel up to driving an hour to go see her.


That is sad to hear, Carol, but good that she has a good home, my friend! Long time no hear from! I hope you are doing better now!


Hello Carol,
Hope all goes well with you and you fast recover,
thank you for sharing your story,
"Not all infected pets get sick and serious illness is extremely rare. Pets that show symptoms typically get mildly ill."

all the best


Thanks, Jeff. I have been offline since I got out of the hospital in October because I couldn't go back to the old farmhouse because it had mold, and my lungs were damaged from pneumonia when I had COVID. Friends found me this apartment and moved me the week after I got out. I stayed with them the first week til the move. Finally got my internet hooked up today, so I'm back in business now! I'm feeling better, but still have "post Covid syndrome", coughing at times, and still tire easily. But so much better than I was!

Thanks, Pietro. I am doing much better, but still tire easily and cough occasionally. So thankful to be alive and back online with my WA family!

Happy to hear, Carol,
yes I know from friends that had Covid-19
that it takes a bit of time before being 100% again.

take care
and be well


Yes. My doctor told me 6-9 MONTHS!

I'm so glad that you are getting better, Carol! My you have been through a lot, but I am glad that things have settled down some! You will be in my prayers, my friend!


Thanks, Jeff. I am, too. Yes, I've been through the mill, but I'm doing much better now. I just have to take one day at a time. I'm so lucky to be doing as well as I am since I had COVID pneumonia and a stroke during the month I was in the hospital. I woke up from a nap and couldn't talk. Terrifying experience! I'll write a post about it when I have a bit more energy.

Oh wow, Carol! A stroke too! I'm doubly glad that you are doing better! You are a trooper, my friend! Take your time and continue recovering! We aren't going anywhere!


Thanks, Jeff. I'm eager to get back to work and finish the post for my website I was working on before I got sick. Seems like such a long time ago! But I know I have to let my body tell me what I'm capable of at any given time right now. Gotta tell ya, that's a real challenge for a Type A personality like me!

and eat healthy food to boost your immune system,
Carol, I send you lots of healing power energy!

be well


Thanks, so much, Pietro. I appreciate it.

*** good to see you, Carol ... yes, stick with your self-care to perfect health ... 🌼 ... blessings ... :)) ***

Hi Keisha. Nice seeing you again. I've been AWOL for too long and missed my WA family. Thanks for your kind words. I'm getting stronger every day, but it's one baby step at a time to recover my energy level.

yes, do take it easy, Carol .... we've had a number of members 'off' shall we say ... it's best to do the self-care necessary and rest up with mild exercise (breathing exercises) ....

WA will still be here with a light ON ... 💡 ... for YOU!

aromatic, beautiful flowers ... 🌼💐🌺🌸🌿 ... to help freshen and to brighten up your place ... err, your computer screen ...

this wonderful virtual world -- we can create anything ... lol ...

cheerio ... :))

If we have pets, of course it's important to be aware of this info. We will have to be protective of them, too, and keep them isolated from sick people. If we get Covid, we will have to take measures to ensure we don't pass it to our animals.

Yes, great comment!
in fact, at this stage, we humans are more prone to pass the virus to them, than them to us.
Much appreciate your input

thank you


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