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Hello Warriors of the Wealthy Affiliate Clan!this's an update to a post that I did on the 25 of April my amazement in shock, about the fast growing of the monthly viewer on my Pinterest.Below there's the new Analytic of my Pinterest accountThis is GREAT! Now that my Pinterest is well and solid on the road,and is keeping growing,I have achieved to build some traffic there,Now, it's com
Hello Wealthy Affiliate MembersI got a question that I like to invite you to answeror participate by giving your input in the comment:Is any one of you has, have or use the Browser called "Brave"? "it has a Lion icon"They claim to be more secure, in blocking harmful ads and trackers means a faster Internet,loads major news sites up to 6 x times faster than Chrome, Safari and Firefox,it also has tokens reward of $7.50 Us to any referral that download the Brave Browser,which has already paid 12 m
May 25, 2020
Hello Wealthy Affiliate WarriorsI open an email from someone that subscribed to my Websiteand after I relied that is on the list of Spammers!!!so I went to see to my subscriber list on my website and I discovered 100 of email subscriber that all belong to this Guy! so I have been attacked by this called James Smith!how do I delete all of his subscription from my Easy Signup Up?I thank you all of you in advance for your comment and help
Hello dear Wealthy Affiliate Warrior!With much happiness I like to announce that I have made a commission at wealthy Affiliate,and is a considerable amount, as a member gone to Premium Membertaking the good offer up for $299 payment for the year.I jumped up in the airwith so much excitement and joy!a big thank you to Wealthy Affiliate founders Kyle & Carson,for having build a such great online platform!The system here at Wealthy Affiliate works,I'm considering to get much more involved into
May 06, 2020
This is an update on me.I'm not going to write as much here in Englishas I'm better on the talking and the facts:It make me think thatI really love the intencity given by the endomorfine to our brainas much to make us to the believe that we are going to make!I love that!This's a social post and nothing our success Warrior of Wealthy Affiliateall for one one for all!good night:o)
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family!just a very short post to inform youthat the restriction on gathering which was only allowing to 2 people here in Western Australia is been eased, and we are finally allowed to gather up to 10 people!this's very good news!!! Thank you for reading this post,Stay safe, be welland have a good day!Pietro
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Warriors!this post it's an update of my Pinterest, which I'm amazed, and impressed!it was more than 10 days that I dint check into my Pinterest account,as I have been very busy with my daily work with my own small self-employed trade Business, and the other 100 commitments:o)! To be honest I'm not been very active on Pinterest for the last 3 Months or more..... I'm guessing that more People today are spending much more time online, because not just I have 261 Notificatio
Hello to all of you! hope you all safe and doing well!after you read this short post, I would like to hear your point of few about this newly app:This smartphone app, will be introduced on the 28th of April, by the Federal government to the Australians, and will be a close model of a similar one that's used by the Singaporean Government, (but I personally I heard that many other country will implement such similar app. For the time been we know that this tracing app will be voluntary and will d
Hello World!this's just a short post,to let you know that wile I was browsing and searching for new plugins in WordPress,I input/written into the search bar coronaand how you can see the snapshot above and below,I fund many plugins about corona virus The Idea come out because those days I'm sure that many people are searching for updates on the cases of COVID-19so what a better way to write a blog about or even to have a page on our websitewhere we give a live statistic data on COVID-19(Showing
Hello Wealthy Affiliate People,Yesterday I received an email that somehow got me interested,and did make me a bit unsettle and concern,I will share a part of the email here, and wish to know if any of you is aware and knows more about of this online law and how to comply with it. Internationally ALL websites have to comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines and in addition inside the US, ALL websites have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).Meaning your websites MUST be