161K monthly viewers on my Pinterest!

Last Update: June 19, 2020

Hello Warriors of the Wealthy Affiliate Clan!
this's an update to a post that I did on the 25 of April

Regarding my amazement in shock,

about the fast growing of the monthly viewer on my Pinterest.

Below there's the new Analytic of my Pinterest account

This is GREAT!

Now that my Pinterest is well and solid on the road,

and is keeping growing,

I have achieved to build some traffic there,

Now, it's comes the time for me to get involved in building the foundations to another social media platform!

I will have to make some research to be able to judge which one will be?

(I have Facebook and Pinterest only)

Do you have any to recommend?

any suggestion?

please all commentsare welcomed

Thank you

stay safe, be well

and have a wonderful weekend!


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Jacquie8 Premium
Great going, Pedrone,

Very exciting!

I personally use twitter a lot, but I find it is very different to the other social media platforms. (actually they all seem quite different and require a different approach)

With twitter I find there is more in depth conversations on the topics at hand, and unofficial groups and subgroups that form, and it is a matter of finding a group you connect with.

What I find people doing on twitter, is more study on topics, it can be a bit like searching for keywords and can give valuable information on what people are asking or looking for.

To get engagement often means that you need to be engaging and listening to the other accounts in your niche to start with. It seems to me to be most often a slower startup in most areas compared with Instagram, but then I am no expert on this!

There are a lot of writers on Twitter to connect with.

Best wishes,

Pedrone Premium
and thank you for taking the time to give me a little
tour in strategies that can be adapted to Twitter
I much appreciated your input

Have a great Sunday

Jacquie8 Premium
You're welcome!
Pedrone Premium
thank you
KathyAnne Premium Plus
Congratulations on your progress!! Stick with Pinterest though, and put all your focus into it! It's not a social media platform anymore, but a search engine. I've been following videos on youtube by Anastasia blogger, and in a few weeks I now have 504K monthly views! I'm using Tailwind and schedule around 20 pins a day:) Kathy
Pedrone Premium
yes, the tailwind Team is the best!

thank you for your participation,
is appreciate

let's grow strong and
be Wealthy Affiliate!

LouiseBT Premium Plus
Wow! Great success with Pinterest, Pietro!
Wishing you continued success with your next social media platform.
I am on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn. I guess it depends on your niche as to where to start next. I think I spread myself too thin, challenge now is that I don't think it's a good idea to back out of any one of them at this stage. So, I am taking the "slowly slowly catch the monkey" approach (and no, I am not insinuating that anyone is a monkey, lol!
Pedrone Premium
Thank you for coming by!
yes, I do spread my self so thin too.
at the start...

and you are right, there's no monkey
I will never back out of something
that I intentionally got into too!

as you well know:
Traffic is essential
to any Online business,

I have been trying to build traffic
before anything else

good day to you!:o)
JKulk1 Premium
I have found Pinterest to be the best, but it depends on the niche. Quora can be great for a Money Making Niche. Jim
Pedrone Premium
yes, I have been considering Quora,
thank for the input

and have a good weekend!
teguhyuli Premium
Its great...btw, did has any conversion for that traffics?
Pedrone Premium
Straight to the point.
Traffic always will give good returns.

Been here at Wealthy Affiliate
I'm learning the strategies to become an online
Affiliate Marketer, and I Understood
that one of the one on the list
is to get traffic
so now I will learn how to convert
and in the future, I will post the progress made

thank you for coming by
a make a good question

have a good day