From 34K to 51k monthly viewers on my Pinterest in 50 days!

Last Update: September 25, 2020

Hello Wealthy Affiliate Warriors!

this post it's an update of my Pinterest,

which I'm amazed, and impressed!

it was more than 10 days that I dint check into my Pinterest account,

as I have been very busy with my daily work with my own small self-employed trade Business, and the other 100 commitments:o)! To be honest I'm not been very active on Pinterest for the last 3 Months or more..... I'm guessing that more People today are spending much more time online,

because not just I have 261 Notification to go true

but from last that I check my followers in total were around 6000 in total

but now in one only board I almost have 23K followers!


and below is a chart for the late months of traffic on my Pinterest

You can see that toward the middle week of April is gone absolutely Mad with the traffic gone true my Pinterest!

and here below it's today update of how many people are viewing my boards on Pinterest.

Now: I'm not here to brag about my self,

but I want to show some proof, and
entice any of you that is not using Pinterest as a source of FREE traffic

to go and open your Pinterest account NOW!

It will take time to build but when is going it will keep going, Believe me! and no one can stop that organic traffic that is generating, it's only will grow and keeping on growing.

People are paying for traffic to be send to their pages/sites, etch. This traffic that I'm getting it's totally Free, and not a cent I have spent on it!

(My apologies if my English is not my primary language and probably there's error in my writing, but hope that you got the message)

With the hope that all of you are well and safe

I wish for you a great day!


( this's in case you missed the mine post about Pinterest)


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Aparna155 Premium
u have told us how well your pinterest board is doing, but u havent told us how. Everyone knows that getting on social media is the answer. But how did yours succeed? I am sure we will all appreciate a few tips. Your actual do's and dont's maybe.
Help others is the mantra here and the internet is full of people telling u how big they made it, without telling u truthfully how they did it.
So we, your friends at WA, want more Pedrone ...
Pedrone Premium
and wow!
I have to take a breath in
and think about what I'm going to write now!?
Pedrone Premium
There's no trick,
I joined Pinterest two years ago, in a period where I was down,
depressed and with unsettling mind and Soul,
it was my escape from reality,
just browsing the many Photo Pins,
and build boards and transferring all the pins that I liked
to them, and even my self when I see the jump
to highly monthly Viewer could not understand
what and how!?
Even my friends are asking some questions.
I told them that because Covid-19
more people were online...

One of the only thing that I knew that may be going to work,
( 6 months ago) was to create a board with all pins of product for sale that I could find on Pinterest which was attracting 30.000 viewers a month,

(Womelo took the property of that board and is not any longer on my Pinterest account!!! (something is not right and I couldn't yet get a straight answer about that!)

Anyway, it's been more than a month since that board disappear'
and I was worried that my monthly viewers will slowly drop,
but it is not! I only lost that 30.000 visitors!:(

2 years on Pinterest
52 Boards
82,250.00 Pins
160K Monthly viewers

Have a good Sunday

Aparna155 Premium
Great reply Pietro. That sure gives us some direction. Respects.
Pedrone Premium
and have a good Sunday!:)
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
This is great. I have a question. Can you create a Pinterest acct for each of your websites?

Or if you have 1 acct. do you add your different pins for the different websites you may have?
Example: my personal site for my book, and consulting.
or My party planz events site, and have all products shown here?

I little confused, if you can help me out.
JohnGreg08 Premium
Yes. You can create multiple Pinterest Business account, one for each website of yours.

You need different email addresses though.

Hope that helps.
John Greg
Wealth-Builder Tips
megawinner Premium
No, you can't. Although you can have many accounts on Pinterest if you use software Pinterest Account Creator, I suppose. Cheers!😎💝💰🙏
Pedrone Premium
Hello Carla,
since I did make this blog,
my Pinterest
(is grow to 76.8k monthly viewers)

JohnGreg08 and megawinner are both right!
and gave you a few hints/ways.

I suggest sticking with one account and you can plan
campaigns for any of your board on Pinterest
If you create a board on books,
well on that board you will promote a pin that has a link to that particular webpage of yours and so on with the other boards
you can promote a pin to redirect people on whichever
websites you may want.
That is the good advance of Pinterest!
it's like having mini-websites.......:o)

hope it makes sense

have a good day and good luck!:o)
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Great info. Thank you dont you have to pay for the Pins?
Pedrone Premium
there are strategies around......
you don't need to pay for pinning on your boards,
but of course, you need followers and traffic,
and like in any other social media platform
you can promote that specific Pin by paying for to reach out to more people as it will be pinned in many other places outside your own boards.
I will recommend going an have a look at tailwind which is one of the leading agency for gaining knowledge of strategies on how to grow traffic on Pinterest for your website
it's free to join.
CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Thank you for the valuable information.
I cannot wait to see my traffic grow on my sites, I am currently working on.

Looking forward to reading other great ideas to expedite the growth of my business.
Pedrone Premium
You are very welcome Carla,
Babou3 Premium
It's a great job!
It is true that Pinterest is a very good opportunity to bring traffic to blogs and shops.
Good game!

Pedrone Premium
Yes, it's thank you!
nice of you Ingrid to come by!

have a nice day!
LRoller Premium
Pedrone Premium
Thank you!
have an amazing day!
RichBrennan Premium Plus
That's brilliant, Pietro.
I haven't opened a Pinterest account yet but I can see from your post that I need to do so.
Jay has done some great weekly live trainings on Pinterest, so it's time to get on and put them into practice.
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
Rich :-)
Pedrone Premium
Hello Rich,
and thank you!
hope is all well with you and family,

yes, I did make this simple post for all of you guys that haven't yet open an account with Pinterest, with the hope that I convince you to go and do it now! longer you are in there and better it's! not a minute to lose the time is NOW!

have a good day