Super Affiliate Challenge 2020 - Week 2

Last Update: April 22, 2019

There is a long list of tasks to complete by May 20th.

Posting to my Website

I have posted my third article of the month, yesterday. I plan to publish two more this week. My goal for the final week of the month is a further three articles. Can I do it? I know I can. By blogging my intentions, I have significantly increased my chances of success.

Building my Brand

My branding is going well, and I will be tweaking areas of the site to enhance that look.

Wealthy Affiliate Blogging

The WA Blog will have my attention at least once a week. One will be like this post, a progress report and my thoughts on the Super Affiliate Challenge 2020. It is my goal to be at the Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas next year. There is a lot of work to do.

My Weakness

These first two weeks have highlighted two weaknesses of mine. I am somewhat naive and trusting of people, and I am weak on my SEO skills.

There is not a lot I can do about the first, other than be more alert, and aware that I only see good in people. Second, I can do something about it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is covered in Wealthy Affiliate but doesn't go into enough detail. I switched to Yoast a week ago to help me with my SEO. Yoast does highlight my weaknesses, and I try hard to get as many green lights as I can. What it doesn’t tell me is what effects individual SEO steps have on my rankings.

Some pointers from Yoast have improved my posts, but I still don’t understand what I am doing, and how my actions may or may not affect my Google positioning.

Site Comments

Comments, which has been a hot topic on WA this week, is another area in which I made many newbie mistakes. I am talking about receiving comments not giving comments. When I’m giving comments, I do take care, but I have been careful, I do sometimes get rejected, sometimes for some odd reasons.

It would help if the person asking for comments were able to convey what it is they are wanting. We can then adjust our style of writing to match their requirements — something for Kyle and Carson to consider.

Perhaps I can suggest to Kyle a short course on what constitutes a useful comment and examples of what is unacceptable? I may feel better about rejecting comments.

I have started an online SEO course, to learn the technicalities and better understand the why’s of SEO. I do like to know what I am doing rather than blindly follow someone else.

Stay With Me

I look forward to next week when I expect to be writing again about my successes, and not too many failures.

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jillxyz Premium
Absolutely love your logo! Passion abounds! Cheers AJ
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Paul,
Good post, I too am lost on SEO. Not sure where to post my weekly SAC blog thought that the social one had to be on the special site! Others seem to be just posting a message and update on there! Any ideas welcome. Do have a weekly blog which updates what I have done and are doing.
Take care,
PaulREvans57 Premium
Post it where you want. By posting on MY blog, it benefits me the most.

Remember, search engines index and rank the WA blog.

So if Google relates something in my blog that matches someone else's search term, then the link to that blog will be displayed to them. If they then click on it, it takes them to my WA blog post - A potential referral!
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks Paul, just read another post on this platform so will follow both your leads shortly. Was concerned that on the private site it is so long now that we would miss any comments.
PaulREvans57 Premium
I will be posting on my website in addition to WA - Boomer Affiliate has a menu option - Super Affiliate Challenge 2020 - which is waiting for my first post on the subject.
RAFStuart Premium
Sounds good Paul,
Kerjackie Premium
You are making a bold commitment for 2020, it is indeed a lot of work, it is vital to have an action plant and if you can stick on that plan you'll get results, go as far as planning each day for your tasks. Talking about SEO, I have done the same as you did switch to Yoast and it is really user-friendly and I highlighted my green as well.
I look forward to following you and learning about your progress.
PaulREvans57 Premium
Thank you, Jacqueline.
EdwinBernard Premium
Keep moving forward. I like your Affiliate Brand. Way to go Paul!
FKelso Premium
That online SEO course sounds helpful. Yes, I could stand to learn some more about it. Interesting, how we learn...I've started working on a post on Jaaxy for my website, and learned a lot about Jaaxy that I never knew! That is a good thing.

I need to blog this week too, and might just steal your idea. Hope you don't mind. Reviewing what we have learned should help someone else, ya think?

Anyway, you are doing well. Keep it up.
PaulREvans57 Premium
I've no problem with that. It will be good for everyone to encourage each other, and let everybody know that we are not alone in fighting our demons, or is it only me? lol!