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July 26, 2019
For many weeks I have been trying to get registered as an affiliate for Grammarly. On completing your application you will be told that a decision will be made within 48 hours. I first applied last year and was turned down. My website was too young. I tried again about four weeks ago, via Wealthy Affiliate's 'Affiliate Programs' and ShareASale. Two weeks ago, I wrote to Grammarly and explained that I am a long-time user of their product and I have had over two and a half million words checked b
I feel I should explain my long absence. My work life has been getting increasingly depressing. At sixty-four, it is not something I can walk away from and easily find alternative employment. I continue to weather the storm but the day job is my primary source of stress. At the end of June, my mother passed away. Our parents passing is something most of us have to face eventually and is inevitable. But when it happens, we are never ready. I miss my dad, and now I miss my mum. I pick up the batt
June 30, 2019
In case, you may be wondering. I have some urgent family business that requires my attention. This has taken up a lot of my time last week, and this week I will be in Spain.I will be back next weekend. The knock-on effect of all this is that I will probably not be active on WA for the coming week. Consequently, I will not be an Ambassador for a while.See you all soon.Paul.
June 26, 2019
My story begins some time ago, though I am unsure of the date, it was about 1999. I want to tell this story because it demonstrates that we can overcome anything, and secondly, I'd like to record this story before I forget it. It has been 20 years!I Want To Be A Public SpeakerTwenty years ago, I believed I could do better. Even my old school reports had written all over them, "Paul could do better."I met a gentleman by the name of Peter Barclay, from Wolverhampton in the UK. I went to visit him
Here's a quick tip on how to create cover images that pop!I use Canva almost exclusively for creating my cover images. So first stop, is to log in to Canva and create a template. Wealthy Affiliate blog cover images are 545 pixels by 200 pixels. In Canva, click on the 'Create a design' button in the top-left. Now click the 'Custom dimension' button in the top-right. Enter 545 in the first box and 200 in the second box, and leave the default scale as 'px'. Click the 'Create new design' button.Now
Being an affiliate marketer can be frustrating. There are a lot of new skills to be learned. Some of them I've mastered, some are still a struggle. Frustration sets in, and I want to give up! To keep going, I decide to take a rest and go for a walk, as it is such a beautiful day outside. There will always be challenges but never let yourself be defeated. Take a break!Affiliate Marketing Is FrustratingThere's a lot I don't know. I've had a frustrating morning working on my website. One moment Go
June 18, 2019
Finding time to get things done is still an issue with me! I am getting better at it, and my wife understands enough to allow me to focus on my online business. All said and done; Jip is a star when it comes to patients and understanding.Taking the day-job out of the equation, as there is little I can do about that at the moment, so that still steals 8 to 10 hours of my day. It just leaves me to balance my online business and home-life. More and more, I am finding ways to operate my business o
June 14, 2019
We all have busy lives, so is it possible to be editing on the go? If we can edit while we get on with our hectic lives, how easy is it to do? Is it practicable?Editing on The Go; Possible?With the right apps, yes, it is! I am using the Safari browser, but Google Chrome works just as well. I frequently switch between the two. For the moment, I am typing directly into the WA Blog via my browser, and using my fat-fingers on a tiny keyboard isn’t too frustrating. I am getting the job done!H
You plan your day, you know what you are going to do. Big mistake! You forgot to ask everyone else around you what they had planned for the day. Well, that's the diary out the window!Most days are like this. How can I plan for the unexpected. Or, should I plan for the unexpected to be expected? At times like this, you really wonder, should I laugh or should I cry?It all started this morning. I'd planned to get up at 5 am and spend an hour writing before my usual day started at six o'clock. So,
I've just had an epiphany! Someone just turned on the light. The fogginess that I was stumbling through just became a lot clearer!Building a BrandGoogle has recognised that my site has a branding, and Google also knows who my target audience is. I knew this, but I forgot why I was building my website.I was looking at my stats forlornly, checking my rankings, trying to figure out why Google wasn't ranking my posts.The Light Came OnClick! It suddenly dawned on me! Google was telling me something