Let the haters hate!

Last Update: May 18, 2017

Please do not get worked up over the idiot over at a certain company slandering WA. I have seen the fake reviews. The founder of this company has been on Quora and gone to other social media sites to post his phony reviews and negative comments.

There are people that already know the name of the company. I Don't see the point in giving them free promotion by saying their name.

The best reaction is to ignore them. We are and always will be better than our competition. We have nothing to prove to them, our success and everything we stand for speaks for itself.

I have done some digging.... Their proverbial ship is sinking! They have been losing members to WA. Their founder is making a last stitch effort by riding the coat tails of WA.....This is shameful!!

We need to show our community that we are more mature and let the competition and it's founder make fools of themselves.

People already know their company is no match for WA. Wealthy Affiliate is a proven leader in the affiliate marketing business.

Everyone knows that they can't compete with us. Don't waste your time, effort or energy on them.
Do not feed into their fake reviews. They are all just a bunch of HOT AIR!!

Sometimes the best way to handle the competition is in complete silence. They are on a fishing expedition let them destroy themselves. Our community already knows the truth. WA is the real deal, We are the true pioneers of affiliate marketing!

Let the haters hate.....Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success!!







We are all slowly reaching success through our training. Don't let some has been company distract us from greatness!!

Thank You Kyle,Carson and all those behind the scenes.....You guys totally rock!!

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dwcookie Premium
When you're not successful slander someone or in this case WA, that is. Haters gon hate. The heck with em. We know the truth.
susanmacneil Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!
AlexEvans Premium
That's what they do best leave them to it.
MozMary Premium
you are right, they are hot air, very negative haters, very wound up right now looking for a fight

...energy best spent focusing on the positive and working on our successes and enjoying this wonderful place :)
Paullamb777 Premium
This is an awesome suggestion. Yes.it honest bothers me about how WA is being slandered as I am ferociously loyal to WA.

As much as I want to write a nameless blog defending some of what they have said. I won't, I am more focused on my training.

I honestly don't need heat from the competition company.

I will enjoy training on my refurbished 2010 MacBook with Mac OS Sierra, My Fiancé' got me as a gift.
Are they still spouting off about your blog?