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Well, it is going to be happening! I am beginning my first day of college tomorrow morning.I wanted to post what Wealthy Affiliate has done for me. There are certain events that happened in my life, that lead up to this moment. If not for Wealthy Affiliate, there is no telling where I would be.It is the little things in life that lead up to greater things.The training here at Wealthy Affiliate lead to me deciding to go for an Associates degree in graphic design.I recently received my list of cl
I just wanted to give a heads up. Been on here at different times of the day for 2 weeks. Noticed something that has changed. There seems to be people that are posting online and having to wait hours, if at all getting a comment or a like on their post.I said to myself, it is not like when I first joined 2 years ago. The first few minutes, there were people that left likes and comments to any post.I realized there were people that needed questions answered. Some of those needing answers might
There are a few changes. There are some that are really awesome, there are some that scare me. Let me first start with how all of this came about. It has been about 3 weeks. I decided to re-build every website, I had. I went and bought a few WordPress themes. It started with building a "Dear Blogger" website. I built it, it was through a tutorial on worked really hard on building this website. This is when I started feeling like I was missing something. I really can't describe it.
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There have been so many positive changes. I wouldn't know where to start. I have been continuously busy with all there is to learn. I'm working on finishing off my WA training and then looking at starting some new projects.One of my biggest projects, I am currently working on is a health website. I have always wanted to do a health-based website. I am still writing the many articles needed to add to help it to be an asset to the online community.I recently received a real estate book and a few
May 18, 2017
Please do not get worked up over the idiot over at a certain company slandering WA. I have seen the fake reviews. The founder of this company has been on Quora and gone to other social media sites to post his phony reviews and negative comments.There are people that already know the name of the company. I Don't see the point in giving them free promotion by saying their name.The best reaction is to ignore them. We are and always will be better than our competition. We have nothing to prove to t
I was doing some research online earlier, I stumbled upon a page from a company called Solo Build it. I wanted to see what they were and what they were about. Through further research, I Googled "solo build it scams" There was a few people that confirmed that SBI was a scam. I also came across this solo build site slandering Wealthy Affiliate. I noticed they did 3 reviews in the past week about Wealthy Affiliate. I have read a review of an actual ex- member of SBI that said the owner of SBI sla
I didn't suspect anything last week walking to the post office. I got there and checked the mail in the box. I got a yellow card for a package in the main lobby. I picked up the package and went home. I opened up the box and got the biggest shock. This was definitely something I needed, A refurbished mid 2010 MacBook with Mac OS Sierra. My Fiancé July ordered me this MacBook. Since she is getting a new tablet from her online college. She figured, I needed a new one laptop to finish my WA
Yes, I have been here for 6 months already. There has been so much that has happened, so many positive things in my life. I have such a supportive Fiance', She has put up with a lot of things others wouldn't have. We are both working toward building a better future together. I am here on Wealthy Affiliate, and she will be going back to college in a few days, once spring break is over. We are both working toward building an online business together. I am working on tying up a few loose ends. th
March 03, 2017
I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for a few months now. I wanted to do update everyone on My progress here.It has all been awesome. I was definitely lost and blind before finding My way here.There have been a lot of positive events which have taken place.The most important thing being that My future is looking brighter.I actually look forward to the times I can spend writing. I really enjoy doing Keyword searches and researching.I have joined so many different social media sites. I am curre
February 12, 2017
I wanted to write about writing a successful blog. I have had a few people in my group of friends ask for this blog. How do you do it? Can you earn money writing a blog? Yes, you can earn money writing blogs. This could be for your website or for an affiliate website, It is really easy writing blogs, especially when you enjoy it.TopicAnyway, let’s get to writing a successful blog. The first step to writing a blog is having specific topic to write about. This could be about anything that i