Did you remember to add https?

Last Update: November 14, 2017

Hi Guys and Gals

I have now helped two people and I think there are many more who forget to add their new https property so this is to help

As you know we have changed from http to https in order to protect our websites and Goggle requires this

Most of you started with the normal http address - see below

This address is your property and you had to go to google webmaster tools and register your property by adding it to the Google network which was not really so hard tp do for most of us.

And then were given the option to change over to https thanks to WA and there great upgrades in technology and so by the click of a switch we were able to

have this new property which was https - see below

Ok so I clicked my switch and waited but not realising that I now had to add my second property (https) to Google webmaster tools

So how did I discover this - EASY the next time I went to use the Google fetch I actually got the redirected sign !

Now I thought this was because I had still got that / backslash in and so spent some time playing and eventually discovered that I had to go to Webmaster tools and add my new (https) property

I followed the procedure and sure enough it worked.

I suggest that you FETCH everything thing from your old http site and also do it in desktop AND smart phone

Then do the same with Bing/Yahoo and Yandex

OK takes some time but well worth it and then you know that everything has been fetched

Now this is a new site and will takes time to work its way back up to where you were before and I can say that I am now back to where I was !!!

hope this helps


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MKearns Premium
Gotta get things encrypted buddy!
LShimasaki Premium
You are a genious! I could not figure out why all my urls were redirected. I was still using http in my address!
NickV1 Premium
Thanks one more time.
DBeatty Premium
Thanks for this information.
paulgoodwin Premium
Always welcome my dear
GailLowe Premium
I'm one that doesn't really understand this sorry - which switch do I have to click?
paulgoodwin Premium
Hello Gail maybe nothing - please send me your website address as I could not see it on your profile page

GailLowe Premium
Ok thanks - there are 2 I am working on currently:
Thanks - I've also added them to my profile page now.