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November 14, 2017
Hi guys and galsAs there has been a few questions raised about links and colours, I though I would share this easy way of adding a link OK First thing to is go to the page you want - see below This is the page with the link in red so first thing is to hover the red to find and copy the link - see belowSo copy the link and then put your mouse on the remove link and click - see belowNext you high-light the word 'here - see belowNext you go to the menu bar at the top left and open the color box an
November 14, 2017
Hi Guys and GalsJust been asked this question and so I would like to share with you a few things about SumoMeI Love this tool and I use it basically for the social sites - see belowAS you see I am using 8 social site but you can choose anything you want so that is the main thing but also I use sumo for the dashboard - see belowThis tells me who is sharing and what is happing for the week but you can choose the time frame your self. I also use SumoMe for a more detailed view of social - see belo
November 14, 2017
Hi Guys and GalsI have now helped two people and I think there are many more who forget to add their new https property so this is to helpAs you know we have changed from http to https in order to protect our websites and Goggle requires thisMost of you started with the normal http address - see belowThis address is your property and you had to go to google webmaster tools and register your property by adding it to the Google network which was not really so hard tp do for most of us.And then w
Hi guys and galsthis is something that I have learned and missed so many things so I want to share with the new membersW get just so busy with answering emails and trying to help people we often neglect our selves. We are so busy an idea comes into our minds and we think wow that is great I must remember that and what happens?Exactly - we forget and that idea never becomes a reality!I will say when ever an idea comes into you mind just STOP what you are doing and write it down!Ok so you do not
November 12, 2017
Hi guys and Gals I have noticed recently that people are asking about the importance of where they are on Google and getting a bit upset what things are not happening when they are on page 10 or 7 page etc etcI want to tell you that the first thing is DO NOT worry about where you are on a page of Google because it is only ONE search engineYou can be on page 10 goole but page one on Bing and page 3 on Yahoo and pat 5 on YandexYou see every thing has a different viewing audience and it all takes
Hi Guys and GalsWe all talk about the importance of using a long tailed word and I have always liked five or six because easy to handleBut last week I decided to forget the rules of stop words that Yoast tells me I have and just go with this 'how to set up a great audio system' OUCH eight words with three stop wordsWhat should I do??Well you know that I always like to try things and so I said to heck with rules lets play outside the box!Results after a week - see belowThis is Yahoo page one p
November 12, 2017
Hi Guys and GalsThis really 'gets my goat'I am now doing something that I think is great by offering free guitar lessons and free set up service to anyone but Face book says it is a Scam - see belowLast week everything was so good with facebook and it was really starting to work for me and then I lost everything my account had been stopped as you all probably rememberSo I started again and everything was OK started to build up again and so yesterday post the blog of the free services and I get
November 12, 2017
HI guys and GalsI had a couple of question about giving things out free so I will explain ~In this world today there is so much BS and people talking about making loads of money and how to get rich and this is never ending ~Greed is a sickness but it over comes so many people and this is really sad!The problem is today people are desperate and open to anything that is suggested but most of the time end up losing it all ~I am getting bombarded now with the Bit coin ads and even have a few calls
His Guys and GalThis is very important and often over lookedImagine that you just wrote a new page on your site OK What is one of the most import thongs that you want?When a person reads your page you would love a comment from the person reading and so you have to make sure that you have the comment turned on!Where is it? Go to you all pages section - see belowNext put out mouse over the one that you want and it becomes active and have chosen my last page 'Learn to play the guitar online' - s
November 10, 2017
Hello guys and GalsAfter doing a lot of thinking and soul searching I decided to offer my Guitar lesson via Skype FREE - see belowThis was after the first 15 minutes and no one interested as yet still early days as they sayJust checked this morning and a few more visits see below -Well 118 views in 15 hours os a start and will see what happens later in the day but I think at least I have started something and better to try something than nothing!This is what my menu bar looks like now and you a