All looking Brighter.

Last Update: August 20, 2015

Things are starting to fall into place, and can only improve.

I logged into check my emails and see what was happening around the WA community and to my amazement I had an email which had the subject of "New Subscription"...

A few weeks ago I installed a subscription plugin, not knowing whether it would work or not, but it looks like I have generated interest from my site and got a subscriber.

Wow I have got my very first organic subscription to my web site, and what is even better they also left a comment on one of my pages. This has me excited, if I can get one then there is more out there to get.

Now it is a matter of getting more subscriptions and converting them to WA members.

“Your future is only as bright as your mind is open.”
Rich Wilkins

As the Quote above says "Your Future is only as bright as your mind is open" I see this and think that when learning anything new you really do need to have an open mind to accept that what is being said does have value.

This all goes to show that following the WA lessons and applying what you learn does work.

This has been an awesome week, break the 200 barrier, 2 month anniversary and now my first subscriber.

How you are have a great week too.

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PaulDG Premium
Thanks Gary, appreciate your comment too.
Happygirl48 Premium
Hi Paul:) Great News:)
Hard work, perseverance, add motivation, goals and most of all Heart and you have recipe for success!! This is what we all strive for and why we support each other at each bight new turn. Keep up the Good Work! All the Best. Sharon:)
PaulDG Premium
Thanks Sharon, appreciate your kind words of support.
rosieM Premium
Happy for you! Onward and upward!
PaulDG Premium
Thanks Rosie.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Paul,
Congratulations on your acheivements this week. That is awesome! Keep up the great work.
PaulDG Premium
Thank Bill, it all adds to keeping me going :-)
letsrock Premium
Keep up the good work Paul
PaulDG Premium
Thanks Jim.