WA Ranking - Its One Redeeming Feature for Me

Last Update: February 13, 2018

This morning when I looked at my rank, it said 2240, yesterday it was 2229 and two days ago it was 1779.

This blog is not really about the rank

i know that the ranking in itself is not important - IT ISN'T!!!

It does however, hold one very important ingredient for me. It tells me whether I am working consistently or not.

My Objective here

Because for me that is my objective - to consistently work towards completing all the levels of both The Affiliate Bootcamp and Certification Courses.

This is how I encourage myself

When I started the Affiliate Bootcamp Course 1 it was Saturday 13th, January, 2018 - my rank on that day was 9128. Today is Tuesday 13th, February, 2018, exactly one month later, my rank as I said is 2240, a movement of 6,888.

Note - This is not about the numbers

As I keep saying it really doesn't have anything to do with the numbers themselves, sometimes they will go up other times they will go down. What is really important, at least to me (Me, myself and I ^_^) is whether I am working consistently or not.

What matters is that there must always be movement.

And that's what is IMPORTANT to me.

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Melissa901 Premium
Great post and inspiration
TeamIceCream Premium
Exactly! A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, but is the step after that, and the one after that one, and the one thereafter that completes the journey of a thousand miles! ;-)
Chocolate + Vanilla IceCream
PaulChetwyn Premium
And some steps take longer than others but it's still a step. So one step at a time.
Thanks for the comment
TeamIceCream Premium
Oh yes Paul, you are very right on that! But luckily, as we learn, we are able to perform some of the steps faster. ;-)
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Sharlee
MKearns Premium
It's the metering effect of accountability!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Yes it is and that's what helps to keep you on track.
Thanks Michael