My Fear and My Dreams

Last Update: March 30, 2015

My Fear and My Dreams ^_^

I have not published a blog for a long time now. In fact my last blog was February 6, that was 52 days ago.

So What went Wrong?

So what wrong – I have actually sat down ask myself that question many times. To be fair I have started at least 2 maybe 3 blogs, but have not gone back to finish them. So I will just publish them where they are.

What caused this blog today – which I know I will publish today! I read a blog by someone who said they were struggling – that made me smile – because most people find themselves struggling. However what most of us fail to realize it that we actually do our best work when we are struggling.

This blog made me look at myself – to analyze just why I have not published a blog since February 6 – yes long time. Now again to be fair and clear, I must also add that I have actually done little or no work (closer to no work) at WA during this time. I have done 1 lesson in that time, answered all my follows, comments and replies, and responded to almost everyone only with short response. That blog on struggling is the very first I have responded to in detail for a long time.

So what is it that caused this dramatic change?

Have I lost interest in WA?

The straight answer to this is no. Wealthy Affiliates remains the best place to learn about affiliate marketing and how to build your own websites.

In fact had the opportunity to look at another person promoting an affiliate plan on the net. And I really had to laugh, unlike Kyle and Carson who show genuine interest in their charges, although they are making money off of them. This guy was only interested in how much money he could make rip off of you and did very little to hid – He just played on people’s fears.

I can categorically state that Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is the best place to learn Internet Marketing.

Have I lost interest in my purpose for being here?

Absolutely not! I still continue to see Internet Marketing as the way forward for my business. My purpose for being here is to move my business from being just limited to Trinidad and Tobago, but to create an international brand. In fact for both my business and my purpose which to me is way far more important than my business.

Therefore one of the tools integral to my developing both my purpose and my business is WA.

So what really caused this lapse in your activity at WA?

The answer to this question actually rest in me answering a number of other questions – not necessarily in their order of importance

Was it a Time Management Issue?

This is but part of the answer, it is the easy part actually, but does answer the whole question – February to April is tax time in Trinidad and Tobago – and for anyone in finance will know that this is the time when everyone wants their taxes done.

This year however was unique in that the government of my country gave a tax amnesty (they waived all penalties), so many people who owed old taxes sought to settle their outstanding liabilities. I kind of set myself up because I knew this was coming and did not really prepared for it. This proved a very great distraction to me, not just in terms of time but also in thought (thinking about it). Didn’t help much cause I still did not do mine.

So my time is always limited, yet I have never managed it tightly – there are some people who have the ability to manage their time efficiently, unfortunately I am not one of those. I like flexibility, I like having the ability to change as the situation change. I consider myself as a Generalist not a Specialist – and guess what I like it that way.

Am I ill?

This is pertinent – I have what you would call a high activity work schedule and to that the fact I am almost 60 – and you get a highly charged atmosphere. I did suffer some symptoms of illness.

Now please appreciate this when you do not normally get sick (I have not been sick for years), sickness is a serious bugbear. Well I got sick, but not the run off the mill sickness as cold or flu. I began to lose interest in the thinks that I would normally do.

At first I thought that I needed to exercise more – then I found myself falling asleep at odd time (again with the type of work schedule I set myself, this is possible) But it was more than that – I now know what it is. It turns out that I have been depriving my body of some very essential trace elements that help the body keep itself in tune and mentally fit.

So I have begun to correct that.

So I am not really ill, in the conventional sense - However that still was not enough – it more than that.

Am I afraid?

To FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real – so I must say that I am not afraid. There was a time when what people said, thought are did affected me – but those days are long gone. It is fair to say I really don’t care what people think or say about me. What is most important is what I think about me (I already know what God thinks about me.) I can make or break myself with what I think.

WA is at very overwhelming – there is so much to learn, so much still to be done, that if you don’t take at your own pace you can burn out – I believe that many of us are afraid of failure mainly because of what we believe other people think. Let me tell you straight up – I don’t spend no time or money on what other people think – there is no profit/ benefit for me in doing that.

So be afraid – that alright – as long as your fears do not stop you from achieving your objectives

So the fear was not the issue

Am I tired?

There are 3 types of tired – physical, mental (this includes emotional) and spiritual. I am not going to any definitions, other than to say that you can sleep off physical tired – sleep don’t help emotional or spiritual tiredness. For these two (where I really want to focus), you need to rest – and rest is what many people do not give themselves. I don’t not consider myself an emotional person, (yes I have emotions – everybody does). I believe, however, that I have the power to control my emotions, which I do every day. Allowing your emotions to control you can wreck your future and kill you.

So am I tired? – Yes I am but not so tired as to stress myself out.

So what you point?

Well the first thing this did is break my cycle of not writing a blog;

The second thing it did is allow me to analyze what was causing me not to write the blogs

The third thing it did was allow me to climb up higher and see the bigger picture – that we all may fall down at some time or the other, but we must get up. As long as we are alive we must get up.

The fourth thing is that this helps me reinforce my drive to keep focus on the things (goals) I set out to achieve.

The fifth thing is perhaps; just perhaps this will help some (even one person) not to give up on their dreams.

I will never give up on mine.

Check your own money

Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is not the easiest of places to be, it takes energy, It takes effort and a good deal of determination. It is important there to approach WA understanding where you are in your life.


check your money, nobody elses.

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Skilly Premium
You're a thoughtfull person, Paul, and you know how to sort your priorities. You've also helped me to sort mine. Thank you.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thanks Jim, for your kind words. All the best
BenORourke Premium
Great insights Paul, very helpful.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Ben
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It is much appreciated.
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I agree very good points
PaulChetwyn Premium
Thank you William for your kind support
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Very good points, my friend! Keep 'em coming!!
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Fred

Thanks for your kind reception to my blog.
All the best
JAZZmom41 Premium
I agree, some times you do have to take a look or to see the bigger picture. Take an assessment of how and why things are happening the way they do.
PaulChetwyn Premium
Hi Eiress

Thank you for your kind words. All the best