Its My Birthday, 6 Months at WA

Last Update: June 22, 2015

It’s My Birthday

Hi Folks,

How are you today? Great to be here chatting with you. Today is a very special day for me, it’s the day I was born and it’s made even more special by the fact that today I celebrated my 60th birthday. Yeah!!!

I am a bit surprised that I reached here so fast and I am grateful to God for letting me see this day.

Had a great weekend spent Thursday to Sunday with the men of my ministry at a beach resort, came home and was celebrated on Sunday by my church community, and my wife Cheryl (the love of my life) together with my children and grandchildren just held a private family ceremony for me. I would say I had a grand day.

This month June also marks my sixth month at Wealthy Affiliates (WA). I made a commitment to Nathaniell that I would be here for at least 12 months – we hold to our word.

How has it been?

Wealthy Affiliates (WA) have surpassed all of my expectations. There are so many Internet Marketing scams outside there, that when you link up with a program that does exactly what it promises to do and then surpasses even those promises – well you can’t get better than that.

I have already put on the drawing board six (6) websites and have actually begun to build three (3) of them. I have taken Jerry’s advice and concentrated on build one website at a time. Thanks Jerry.

Ranked by Google?

They still way short of being ranked by Google simply because I have not yet put enough content in them. In spite of that I am proud of my achievement – in my country they have a saying “Where horse does reach – Donkey does reach Too!!!

I was a bit disappointed in myself that I had not completed my website – yet, you really can’t be dis appointed about something if you did not put in the work. I simply did not put in the work – I went off doing other things (it’s called opportunity cost) and let my involvement in WA slip.

Opportunity Cost?

Let’s face it

  • I haven’t blogged since 13th April 2015;
  • I currently have 1160 WA emails sitting in my inbox unread;
  • I have not visited the chat room;
  • Dealt with any Ambassador credit;
  • Did any kind of training whatsoever;
  • I have written minimal content (although I have thousands of ideas running through my head)

I don’t make excuses

I simply have not given WA the time that I committed to give at the beginning. I don’t make excuses. It has never been my style to make excuses so I won’t start now. I also don’t like to make foolish promises – so I am not going to say I will do X or Y in one week – That’s not my style either.

What I am going to do?

Good question – I am going to do exactly what I do whenever I come up to walls – I put my head down and work and I thank God for every inch that I move forward. In other words I celebrate every step forward – no matter how small – I don’t beat myself down if I don’t achieve what I set out to do in the time I set – I just reorganize and move forward, as I said before ‘where horse does reach (with speed) donkey does reach too.

Check other people’s money?

I also don’t check other people’s money – what does this mean? It simply means to measure yourself using the performance of other people as your yardstick. This to me is a foolish thing to do – different people come to WA with a varied assortment of skills. Some already have great skill whilst others are virtual newbie to the Internet marketing world – it therefore very difficult to compar

These other people invest their time, energy, effort, resources and money into getting their websites up. I very happy for each and every one of the – they did the work and they reap the rewards. I am very happy for them. I focus on me – my skills, time, energy and resources. It the only way to succeed.

WA people

I can’t close this without thanking the many wonderful people who have supported me during my time at WA – people like Pastor Tae, Carol Jewel, Christabelle, Loes and many other whose name I am not calling. So many people have given me advice and guidance that it’s amazing – I have never seen or been involved in and organization with this type of environment. Thank Kyle and Carson.


On that note I’m gone – I will spend more time at WA and accept Nathaniell advice and will write content, do a blog every few days and continue the training to completion.

Thanks for reading

All the best

Pablo was here. ^_^

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Christabelle Premium
Happy Birthday Paul and I am glad we are going to be seeing more of you around here again! :) And remember today's 60 is yesterday's 40, so you have a long life ahead of you yet! :) God's Blessings to you, Christa
MsalichumaG Premium
SowAndReap Premium Plus
Happy Birthday! Continue on!
LisaVance Premium
thanks for the inspiratrion.
Your so very right about not measuring other peoples money and not beating self up if you do not measure up to their skills.
Thank you.
NickelSEO Premium
Glad you're back and ready to put some content into your websites. I wish you the best!