A memo to self

Last Update: Jan 31, 2015



Many persons who came to my website comment on the diversity of the activity that I appear to be involved in.

Some go as far as to suggest that I must be very busy. I don’t ever see myself as busy, in fact while some days are more filled than others. I always manage to do the two things that are most important to me

    ·Spending quality time with my God; and

    ·Spending quality time with my wife Chery (the delight of my eyes), my children and grandchildren.

One is my destination the other my legacy. Now I am not perfect nor am I superman, nor is my discipline all that great.


But lately I have found that certain things appear to have fallen behind, for example I found that I had greatly underestimated the amount of time I need to spend on things WA – two (2) hours per day has turned out to be not enough – already my WA emails average over one hundred (100) per day – even as I write my current outstanding is one hundred and sixty seven (167) emails, excluding what I have already read for the day.


I found that I was having a time management problem which was affecting my commitment and confidence, which in turn I found was actually frustrating me and then demotivating me.

We all run into this wall – when enthusiasm of doing a new thing runs out and good old fashioned stick-to-it-iveness (if there is such a word has to take over. I had to be wary of becoming disillusioned. This happens to everybody at one time or another – it just happened to be my time.


So what did I do? I wrote a memo to myself - SLOWED DOWN

I sat down at 2.34 am (my time) this morning and did a re-evaluation of my goals and objectives in respect of Wealthy Affiliates (WA). So I relaxed and took a realistic look at where I was.

The result is that I decide to –


    ·Focus on the training – to make sure that I get some training done each and every day – thereby build up competence, and so increase my confidence.

    I am a relative newbie to affiliate marketing and website build, so my confidence in my ability isn’t all that.

    Hey – confidence always waver when you move into new territory, learning new things or breaking new ground – don’t fool yourself

    ·Focus (at the start) on building two (2) websites – the first on affiliate marketing, the second on my main passion and publish them.

    ·Focus on writing my blogs – “A Memo to Self” being the first – at least one every two (2) days; and

    ·Focus on spending time in the community, but (everything in context) putting greater emphasis on training, building my websites and writing my blogs.


Because I slower down, I was able analyze my challenges and re-evaluate my process. Sometimes it makes sense to write a MEMO TO YOURSELF. It will give you balance and help you to keep your sanity

Paul was here

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You truly have your priorities in order. Nice job.

Thanks Debbi

Really can relate to your blog Paul. Glyn

Thanks Glyn

Great incites!

Thanks Tom

Great Blog Paul!

Thanks Loes

Great job, Paul. You're doing great. Pace yourself.

Thanks Pastor Tae

Sometimes we need some time to re-evaluate before we move forward. I try to do this when I can remember! Otherwise we start going fast in no direction at all.

Thanks Nate

I see I am not the only one at the computer in the wee hours of the morning! :-)

Thanks Howard

What a wonderful post and wonderful reminder! I have found that it always goes better for me when I make sure I spend time with the Lord first, not that I don't have those days when circumstances manage to cause me to jump and run at times, but I am focused on flowing with the Lord so everything else flows freely, smoothly and yes even more quickly! God's Blessings Paul, Christa :)

Thanks Christa

You're welcome! :)

I think most of us have been there Paul, but as long as you are doing something everyday at your own pace, you'll be fine. Don't try to do so much as this will burn you out. Wish you all the best Paul:)

Thanks Jazmin

You're welcome Paul:)

Good for you, Paul. As has been said so many times, this is not a race, it's a marathon. We all need to work at a pace that works for us.

You are very right - It is a marathon
It's also not about speed - but about building brick by brick
Thanks Allyn

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