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Last Update: November 10, 2013

Some people here may remember that when I first started here I built a site to promote WA and to warn people about less than perfect "opportunities".

At the time we were busy dealing with the walking wounded and battle-scarred refugees from Empower Network. However, the must be many more scams and pyramid schemes out tthere which deserve coverage.

It would help me greatly, and possibly help many others if you were to briefly write about your experiences with something other than Empower Network, and similarly tell us about any good experiences with some of the good guys out there.

I'll then do an article on each and place it on, which is the site I referred to at the top of the page.

Your help would be

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BIS Premium
I like your site. I hope you get lots of new examples.
Kav Premium
This may not be a scam but has anyone heard of Banofa. I have had no personal experience and refusing to get involved until I've exhausted WA. But doesn't look like that will happen.
migwelder Premium
I have been quite lucky to date, but have always been very cautious, as I know there are very unscrupulous people out there. I was almost caught about 18 months ago by a secret shopper scam, they tried to recruit secret shopper's to visit a Western Union point, and make a transaction which they sent me a check for inc fee and expenses. Cool sounds great but alarm bells were ticking. They wanted the transaction to be completed before the check was cleared, hoping I would pay out of my own fund's, which was no chance even if I had them, So I started to play games with them and go along so far. I looked into the page source and managed to find out the location of these scammers, I did not gain , but nor did they as I did have a bit of fun by being one step ahead of them. Stay under the wing of WA and you won't go wrong. Good luck to all.
MyJobKiller Premium
Great Information , thanks for sharing !
hart48 Premium
Good post and good information. Thanks for sharing.