"Explain clearly what you are doing"

Last Update: April 17, 2016

"Explain clearly what you are doing"

This is what my personal coach said to me as he is trying to teach me. Yeah, after 30+ years of ministry, I now have a personal coach to help me sharpen my focus.

He observed that my website had a lot of content. But he wasn't sure what I was exactly trying to convey to others. On the one hand, it's important that a website has a lot of quality stuff. But on other hand, it's important to make it clear what I am doing.

For me, such sharpening of focus will make me more effective in sharing my vision with people. You see, I want my online work to draw people to my work. But I am also looking for people to come alongside me and partner with me.

And so, I spent a lot of time tonight sharpening that focus. I am nowhere near done, this is what I have so far.

[found on my "about PT" page] at pastortae.com

With over 30 years of diverse ministry experience, PT is uniquely equipped to provide teachings, services, and resources that add to your spiritual quality of life.

As a summary, PT’s commitment is captured in this graphic. He has a vision for creating resources for the everyday believer and inquirer. The use of these resources often leads to services that PT provides such as counseling and leadership training. These services can lead to mentorship opportunities to leaders. And such mentoring can become a higher commitment for the protégé to leave a legacy behind in the same way that PT is doing. And so, the circle continues in hopes to equip the present generation so that they can pass down the faith the next generation. Contact PT for a more detailed presentation.

Anyway, I posted this LIVE tonight in hopes it will resonate with the visitors. I also have a bunch of meetings coming up with leaders. I hope to be clear to them.

As part of my ongoing web work, I feel it's important to sharpen my focus and explain clearly what I am doing.

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gappleby Premium
Nice to see you back, Pastor Tae.

Your mentor is asking the right question. We have had long conversations (long mostly because I rattle on and on!) about this challenge in the past. The hardest thing for those of us with a big heart and big vision is to crystallize our message and to simplify and clarify our purpose. This is especially true if we have years of experience to back it up.

We see the big picture. And we see it in depth and in detail, as well - which is overwhelming for our visitors, and frankly for ourselves.

What am I trying to do with this site? What is my purpose and my message? Desired end result? You stated at least two, IMO, that's one too many :-).

Equally important to focus on is the Who. It is critical that you know who it is that you want to reach.

A good exercise to help you get clear thinking on this is to create a "brand slogan". If you can't clearly state in just a few words...a slogan... what the core purpose of your site is, then you should keep refining until you can. It will help both you and your readers.

BTW, that Brand Slogan should be in your header...the first thing your visitors see. Why? Because no matter how high the quality and how great the value of your content, it won't be read unless the visitor very quickly answers the key question "What's in it for me?" Why should he read on?

I'm tempted to say you need 2 sites: one for lay people and one for staff and pastors. You can link them, but it's very difficult to reach such different groups on the same site. Each gets a diluted message. Yes, they're both believers, but their needs, wants, desires and challenges in their daily walk are very different. And your solutions are different for each group. The deeper and more focused you can be with each group...the more targeted...the more you're able to resonate, reach and minister to them. And the more appealing you will be to them.

As an aside, here's a secret regarding "About" pages that almost no one realizes: even the About page is really about them, not us. A bio is fine, but I would suggest a focus on their needs: how you've been there, you understand, you've helped thousands live more victoriously, and you want to help them, too. I would change your writing on the About page from 3rd person to 1st person, as if you're having a one on on conversation in a living room, a coffee shop, or a counselling session.

I'd also use your name, not PT. Anything to personalize you.

Best of luck. I know you're a Laker fan and are mourning Kobe's retirement!

Take care,

The Entrepreneur
PastorTae Premium

As always, your replies are filled with good insights and strategies. Much time has passed and we should have kept in touch. A lot of comments were addressed last year when I had multiple sites with one specifically for leaders. Since then I consolidated all 8 sites into one. We can discuss that at a later time when I have more time.

Also, your comments about the ABOUT page are good and I did that in a previous site. But I thought I should switch to the third person because I thought it would be less pressure to the visitor since my new site is more of an ecommerce site with many things to purchase.

The topics you raise are important ones and I hope to discuss them at length with you at a later time.

It's been a challenging year filled with many ups and downs. I cannot say that I have masters this online marketing. I continue to add content and use strategies to build email marketing and recently changed to an ecomm platform. But I still don't feel I am making progress.

I am also looking into what Michael Hyatt is doing in building a platform to raise awareness. But it's slow.

I'm also looking into Sandler's sales techniques because I am meeting with a lot of leaders. I hope to get their support.

Blessings to you. I'm glad our paths are crossing again.
Loes Premium
I regularly make use of the free service http://peek.usertesting.com/
that can be very enlighting!

Imagine: Me talking to the video, he joh, click on it, come on! Noooo you have to go there with your mouse.... Why don't you understand what this site is about, it's so obvious....
Maxiam59 Premium
yes it is always good to to make sure the message is clear all the best Max
caisaki Premium
Good luck and finding your focus! I will try to do the same as well. Thanks for sharing :)
PastorTae Premium
Thank you so much and same to you!