Does Google Hate Your Website? Create THIS Type of Content

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Has organic search dropkicked you in the Googles?

Has your Google Search Console graph flatlined since March 5th?

Has the “sitewide classifier” from the Helpful Content Updates of August 2022, December 2022, and September 2023 obliterated 70-90% of your Google traffic (and INCOME)?

Has everything you’ve written in the last 7 months not seen the light of Google Day, but is absolutely smashing it on Bing?

If so, create content like this.

The “I’ll Try That” Method of Content Creation

I completely understand that if you’re currently in one of the situations I’ve mentioned in the introduction, life currently feels like a real struggle.

In fact, how many of you simply can’t face the thought of producing any more content?

I know it’s tough.

Plus, is it even worth doing keyword research at the moment?

Sure, most keyword tools will have keyword difficulty or SEO metrics, but currently, these mean nothing.

As an example, Reddit, Quora, and forums were always viewed as “weak sites” in any type of keyword research method.

If you found these types of sites ranking on page one for a selected keyword, you immediately produced some content (written, visual, audio) because YOU KNEW you were going to rank.

However, in the last 7 months these “weak sites” now COMPLETELY OWN organic search, i.e. they have become “strong sites”, and are therefore CURRENTLY very difficult to outrank.

Will all keyword tools have caught onto this trend yet?

Probably not!!

I guarantee that ANY keyword you look at now will have User Generated Content ranking on page one, and for the moment, that UGC is going NOWHERE.

However, you can’t stand still and do nothing.

So, how about doing this for your content production over the next 4 weeks AT LEAST (it can be a permanent feature)...

And it will be FUN, certainly something that will get you EXCITED about producing content.

A great example of what I’m going to show in the Make Money Online niche is YouTuber, Alston Godbolt, and his “I Tried That”.

What Alston does is scout the internet for “Make Money Online” opportunities, usually dodgy YouTube videos, LOL, he then follows them to the tee and reports on his findings.

In fact, even ahrefs, Sam Oh, recently did this too on their YouTube channel.

Okay, the best place to start this is by using TikTok for research.

Your search string should be something like

Funny (your niche) Hacks

Weird (your niche) Hacks

Strange (your niche) Hacks

The aim is to find strange tips and tricks in your niche and then TRY THEM OUT YOURSELF and create content around YOUR EFFORTS & FINDINGS!!

So, you are USING OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT to help you create UNIQUE & ORIGINAL content.

Admittedly, for certain niches, hhmmmm… off the top of my head, SEO and Travel, there will be a time element to some of your hacks.

What I mean is if you’re doing an SEO hack, depending on the age and authority of your website it could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months to see results.

So, as an example, you could find an SEO hack/tip such as this (and this is a REAL “Partha Potion” SEO hack btw… YES MINE!!! Hahahaha!!!)

Go to Google search, type in Moz DA Checker and then click through to the site.

Put your website url in the dedicated place and press enter.

Scroll down to the TOP 5 pages and their PR (Page Ranking).

This lists the 5 MOST AUTHORATITIVE posts or pages on your ENTIRE website.

These articles have “page authority”, they are the most "authoratitive" articles on your website in the search engine's eyes.

Guess what, IDEAL FOR INTERNAL LINKS to provide other posts and pages with a quick SEO boost.

Aim to have a maximum of 2-3 internal links going FROM each of your “TOP 5 most authoritative posts and pages”.

Next, identify at least 5 articles of yours that are ranking for their primary keyword between positions 5-12 on Google.

Then add at least two internal links FROM your TOP 5 MOST AUTHORATITIVE POSTS OR PAGES to those articles ranking position 5-12.

Wait 2-4 weeks.

So, as an example, creating content around the above, you would list the method, who and where “introduced you to the method”, proof that you’re doing it (screenshots), and then your results.

Obviously, with the above SEO tip, it’s going to take a few weeks to see any results, if any.

But, this is a great way to create intrigue, and to keep sharing progress on social media, e.g. “Day 3 since I created internal links from THIS SEO HACK (link to your article), still NO results. Will it work? Who knows, more updates tomorrow.”

Here’s a TikTok Travel hack, which again will take a while to come to fruition, but you can “try and report your findings”.

So, this guy has mentioned that a round-trip from the United States to most places in Europe in fairly expensive.

Most places cost around $800-$1,200 to get to.

However, what he discovered (and ANYONE living in Europe who knows about EasyJet and Ryan Air will know about this) was that he could travel from the States to Dublin in Ireland for $490.

This is one of the closest European cities to the United States (one of the most western parts of Europe).

Now, going back to what I said above about EasyJet and Ryan Air, you can literally travel ANYWHERE in Europe for UNDER $100.

So, for this hack above, the guy wanted to travel from New York to Vienna.

The price was $852 dollars.

However, to travel from New York to Dublin was $490, and to travel from Dublin to Vienna was $70, so a total of $560.

He just saved himself $300.

Again, this is a “hack” that requires “time” to come to fruition (although you can simply use Google Flight information, take screenshots, and show “proof of savings” to various European destinations)..

However, for EVERY NICHE you can find “immediate hacks” and try them for yourself.

Errrm, how many of you have cooking and recipe blogs?

Go to TikTok, choose something in your niche, and use the search strings I've mentioned.


Weird Beef Cooking Hacks

Strange Tomato Sauce Cooking Hacks

Funny Egg Peeling Hacks

Or even just

Strange Cooking Hacks

You can then write a blog post (or create a video).

Your title will need to be keyword optimized and slightly “clickbaity”...

“I Tried This Hilarious TikTok Egg Peeling Hack - It’s No Yolk!”

You write where and who introduced you to the hack (screenshots and links + if you use the same channel for lots of different hacks, reach out to that person, and let them know that you are going to try all their hacks and report their findings in blog format, You might get some backlinks and traffic from them).

Explain how the hack works.

Take photos on your phone of you doing it or screenshots on your computer.

Provide your results.

In your conclusion, state whether the “hack” works and whether you’d recommend it.

This can be applied to EVERY NICHE.

How many funny dog training hacks are there?

Home DIY hacks that you’ve never thought of?

Back to travel, what hacks are people using for additional luggage, packing their suitcases, carry-ons, etc?

Weight Loss Hacks

Muscle-Building Hacks

Beauty Hacks.

Get More SPECIFIC in your searches

Funny Eyebrow Plucking Hacks

Weird Fish Grilling Hacks (apparently brushing fish on both sides with mayonnaise works!)

Funny WordPress Plugin Hacks

Strange Google Search Console Hacks

The aim here is to find “out-of-the-box” tips, tricks and hacks, try them yourself, and the report your findings.

You can research on ANY platform that allows for short-form video.

TikTok will always be the best place to start, as this is what the platform is famous for, weird and wonderful short-form videos.

But YouTube shorts, Instagram, Pinterest will work too.

Remember, “original and unique” is really about the concepts that you discuss in your content, and not the actual words you say or write.


You can certainly takes someone else’s “weird” idea, TRY IT FOR YOURSELF, and then produce content on your findings and results.


And one of the best things about this - You will be doing REAL research and you’ll probably learn a thing or two.

Right, I’m off to try an Exercise Tiktok hack.

Train just the left-hand side of your body today and the right-hand side of your body tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see how that works out of the treadmill…


Thank You For Reading


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For those of you getting "no data" from checking Moz, here's my reply to someone else

"For those getting the "no data", it could be the age of the website (especially if under about 8-9 months), articles being deindexed, so there really is "no data", or simply because of the current core update, they are only ranking for a handful of keywords (which is about 70%-80% of the internet during the Core update).

This is a total guess, but perhaps Google has put a "sitewide classifier" on all low authority websites THROUGHOUT the Core update (most small site owners can't afford the $150million to sue Google, LOL, so there's nothing you can do), and then this will be removed at the end of the core update, which may mean that many low authority sites see a boost in rankings and traffic when this is finally over... no guarantees, but we can all hope. Anyway, this would explain "no data" in MOZ."

Thanks for clarifying! :)

In my case, the site is around 6 years old, and even so! Never black, and almost no grey, hat.
From the start focused on helpful posts so...
I must admit tragedy about sites is on my list at the moment!

Great idea, Partha! But you didn't mention the guitar niche. 🤷‍♂️ 🧐

I wish I still had that piece of crap reel-to-reel tape recorder my uncle gave me in the early 1970s. It had a faulty circuit board that would fail intermittently and make a "gasping" sound during playback. My drummer described it as the sound of an alien creature that crashed on Earth and couldn't breathe our atmosphere. Lol.

Still, the band used it to record our sessions so we could critique the performance. Eventually, it failed completely and made a loud "siren-like" sound through its little 3-inch speaker.

We were learning to play songs from the second Black Sabbath album, and wouldn't you know it, the tape recorder malfunction just nailed the air raid siren sound at the beginning of the song "War Pigs!" 😃

I hardwired a foot switch into the tape recorder in true "hack" fashion, and we used it on the opening of that song until it blew out one of the 12-inch speakers in my Fender Twin Reverb amp. Hahaha

I still have that very amp in my music room. It's probably worth about $1,500 US, even with the replacement speaker.

BTW, although this doesn't exactly pertain to the workflow of your hack, we routinely use a split-belt treadmill for physical rehabilitation of hemiparetic patients status post middle cerebral artery CVA affecting the strength and mobility of their contralateral leg:

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hello Partha

Thank you for this great blog post. I really like your idea and I have been getting more traffic from Bing lately to but not much from Google.

I think everyone needs a Partha Potion right now. Well I know I do hahaha. I'm going explore your idea about the I Tried That method for my niche is the technology niche and I will see what I can come up with.

I will be interested to see how this turns out. Tik Tok is a goldmine for ideas and traffic. I never about putting mayonnaise on fish. It is certainly a very interesting concept. Thank you again for this great blog post. All the best to your success.



unfortunately in my niche, all those dollhouse hacks would take me forever to recreate, while I already have so many video ideas to do already hahaha!
But looking at Moz for my own site, confirms again that I need to focus on making minis from everyday items or trash anyway and just go on with Youtube and other (video) platforms, and embed them somehow on blog posts, so that's good to get confirmation :-)
As per coïncedince yesterday, I was checking out a competitor niche site on Moz , and I saw some peculiar keywords though that she ranked for, that I would have never thought about creating a blog post about or that people would ask that question on Google. So I'll definitely do that more!

Great stuff Partha, thank you - again! 2 weeks ago my blog stats crashed, flat-lined. It was a faint, puke or die couple of days. I shrugged it off and kept writing - and suddenly the stats shot up to higher than before the crash. I'm going to try it! Your approach as mentioned above. Cheers.

I stopped looking, one day it was way up, the next day it crashed again, it was making me craaaazyyy lol.

Mercury is in retrograde lol, Murphy's Law on steroids!

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