6,759 Unique Visitors and $717.01 in 24 HOURS (Over 150K page views and $9,800 in July)

Last Update: Jul 29, 2022

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Yeah Baby!!!

You read that right.

Do you know when people talk about their success online and then they come out with the phrase:

“I don’t tell you this to gloat, but to show you what’s possible”

I always think that comes across as a little insincere.

So, as someone who is known for their honesty, sarcasm, slight narcissistic tendencies, and basically someone who was always a MASSIVE mummy’s boy while she was alive:



“Yeah mum, look at me, love me, love me, heap praise on me!!”


I’m kidding (or am I?)

Let’s have a quick look at yesterday’s traffic.

This is the Exercise website in my profile, the one that I’ve always shared details on, and used to get my point across in my various blog posts.

Plus, don’t forget, before my return to Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago, I had already created two hugely successful websites (with greater traffic and earnings than this one - BUT, the exercise site is still a baby, and I still haven’t even got to the 2-year stage of working on it yet - remember I always say to look at that 2-year mark for a website that has been CONSISTENTLY worked on).

Okay, so the red arrow shows us that I received 6,759 UNIQUE visitors to the site yesterday.

The green arrow shows that I received 7,553 page views on the site yesterday.

And the blue arrow shows my peak traffic hour between 12pm-1pm (PST) as 416 visitors, i.e. my best 60 minutes of the day saw 416 people visit my site.

How Did I Achieve This?

To be honest, most of you already know.

I’ve shared my methods with you.

You know where to find my profile.

You know where to find my blog posts.

I have done nothing but:

Use Google Autosuggest to find REAL questions that REAL people are asking.

Check the competition on page one to ensure that there is USER GENERATED CONTENT on page one.

Write articles answering those questions.

That’s it.

(All of this is explained IN DETAIL in my WA blog posts).

I haven’t got a 100% record, but with 610 articles published in just over 22 months, I’m almost at publishing one article a day.

Pretty much every month since I started this site I have written and published at least 20 articles a month, but most months I’m averaging 25-29 articles written and published a month.

Realistically, I’m only really working on this site for 60-90 minutes a day.

With consistency you will get better and faster - I wasn’t always capable of researching, writing, sourcing images and videos, links, and publishing an article in 60 minutes.

Plus, I’m not really one for sharing income, but I know it’s something you all love (same here too, I just don't like talking about my own earnings).

Ad income - $478.48

Affiliate income - $238.53

Total - $717.01 in 24 HOURS

THE INTERNET - “There’s no point in putting ads on your site, you’ll never earn any decent income, they only pay peanuts”


Plus, it looks like I’ll be hitting close to 200,000 page views and $11,000 in income JUST for July.

My Advice to ALL of You

I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet today (well for me anyway).

Plus, you get enough motivation here at WA, so what’s the opposite of motivation?

That’s what you’re getting from me today.

Call it a kick in the butt, a wake up call.


Trust me, love me or hate me, I actually deeply care for ALL OF YOU.

That’s me as a person, but that doesn’t stop me getting hugely frustrated and upset with many of you on a daily basis.

I think about the time and effort I put into helping many of you, and then how I am “rewarded” for this.

What I mean by this is that I often see members being their own worst enemy.

What I mean by this is there’s a huge difference between PRETENDING to work and actually getting your head down and doing the work.

What I mean by this is that people cannot stop being swayed by SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME every single day.

“Partha says I should just do keyword research and write articles and nothing else. Oh look, doesn’t that website look pretty, how can I make my website look pretty? Oh look, Live Chat, let me go and socialise for 5 hours. Oh look, someone’s talking about widget placement, building a brand, making logos, premium plugins, etc. You know what SOD the keyword research and writing articles, I’m going to PLAY ABOUT with things that WILL NOT MOVE MY BUSINESS FORWARD & HELP ME BE SUCCESSFUL.”

Something else I hear often:

“I’ve tried your keyword research methods, but my niche must be extremely competitive because I can’t find any decent keywords with low competition and user-generated content on page one”.

Partha thinks:

“Hmmm, yes if you want to be earning $10,000 per month I can see how “trying” keyword research for 45 minutes and then giving up will get you there.”

I will only accept “I can’t find any keywords” if you have done the equivalent of a full-time week looking - 40 hours (and that is 40 hours of ACTUAL WORK and NOT PRETENDING TO WORK)

“I’m doing keyword research, oh look, a YouTube video with a goldfish and dog”.

Plus, do you not think that Exercise & Fitness is one of the MOST competitive niches out there?

Look, I totally understand that people have differing levels of intelligence, motivation, time availability, health issues - physical, emotional, and mental.

Trust me, I get it.

I may be extremely fit and healthy, so I can’t be totally emphatic with those of you with physical issues.

However, I have suffered some horrific things happening to me in my life, many of which would have sent many people over the edge.

I know all about mental and emotional scars, things that will stay with me and haunt me for the REST OF MY LIFE.

That being said, the 2 things I cannot give you, these two things you have to decipher for yourself.

  • Understanding my methods
  • Your work ethic

This, I’m afraid, is totally down to YOU.

That said, I love those who have tried and found success.

When I get those “sneaky, secret” PMs from people telling me that they have tried my methods and started to finally see success, it REALLY warms my heart, it makes me proud, and it makes me want to HUG and CELEBRATE with you.

Oh btw, I do laugh at the “sneaky, secret” bit, it’s as though people think they’re doing something wrong by following my methods.

I may not know him well, but I think I know Kyle well enough to understand that he is an entrepreneur and he therefore appreciates new or different ways of doing things.

Plus, he is a pretty top bloke too.

So, don’t be “sneaky, secretive” about your successes, be proud.

Final Thoughts

Look, I know for many of you, this may come across as me being harsh and horrible.


I really, really, really want to see EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU SUCCEED.

Honestly, I really do.

Now, one thing you do have to have to succeed in this business is good research skills.

So, I’m not going to plaster this blog post with links to my WA blog posts and methods.

Go and find them, LOL, learn to research.

In all honesty, it’s only around the last 50 WA blog posts of mine from around March 2021 that you need to read.

Let’s say 10 minutes per blog post, so 500 minutes (8 hours and 20 minutes) of reading.

Let’s say, another 8 hours and 20 minutes to take it all in and to try and understand my methods.

You have questions, leave them on the blog posts, I will EVENTUALLY respond.

Plus, read the COMMENTS to the blog posts, there’s a huge amount of information in there too.

Let’s say that’s another 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Basically, you need to be willing to take 25 hours out of your life to read and understand and then get going.

But, do know what, some people would not be willing to take 25 hours out of their life to potentially learn how to earn $10,000, $20,000, or $50,000 PER MONTH.

I can’t help you then, can I?

If you really, really, really want this, PROVE IT!!


All I do is:

  • Google Autosuggest keyword research
  • Check Page One for User Generated Content
  • Write Articles

Are you willing to put in the work to COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

Thank You For Reading


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Recent Comments


Hey I got to give it to you homie you a real solid dude when it come down to delivering the message you got to be rough and you got to be stern with most people for them to even open their mind enough to try to conceive and grab hold to something I dig your approach keep doing your thing brother

Thank you coz its aunthentic that comes from the heart

God damn it! I’ve learnt more from the small interactions I’ve had with you than I have in the interactions with literally every person I’ve ever met 😂

So, let me get this straight. You type something into google, check out what’s on page one and then write an article.

Bloody marvellous sir!

I will be doing this alongside using Jaaxy and see where it goes.

First of all though, I’m going to read some more of your blogs!!!

Hahaha!! Cheers Tony!!

I've got a fair few more in-depth keyword research posts.

Here's one that you'll LOVE, especially use this for your Beardy site And this is a refresher of my main keyword research method (the original 2 blog posts I published around March 2021) Happy Hunting!!


Thank you Partha, I have started doing a post every day about 3 was ago after Frank put me onto you, just checking how serious would you rate the word count and what do you suggest is best. I’m still a very newbie WA’er but find you very straightforward which I like.

Hey Ruth,

To be honest, there's no "ideal" word count.

There's a couple of things which I repeat often

Your article is complete when you have answered the query posed in your title.

Whether that takes 800 words or 10,000 makes no difference.

The point being, you must answer the query posed fully, but also without adding any "fluff" or going off on a tangent.

And the other thing, ALWAYS write for HUMANS, your aim is to completely satisfy your readers with your content.

There is a tendency to focus on writing in order to satisfy inanimate objects and non-human entities.

The main ones of these are trying to satisfy what an SEO plugin tells you and also trying to write in a way that you can "trick" Google into ranking you.

Both these things should be completely avoided.

In fact, those who overly focus on trying to satisfy a plugin or trying to give Google what they think they want, typically fall at the first hurdle.

Your aim should always be to be as helpful as possible to the HUMANS who visit your site.

For the exercise website I've mentioned in this blog post, my articles are mainly between 1,100 - 1,500 words.

However, there are also a fair few much longer articles, and even one that is over 5,000 words.

Again, I didn't aim for a specific word count, I simply aimed to SATISFY MY READER BY ANSWERING THE QUERY POSED IN THE TITLE.

I also have other websites, especially those in conjucntion with Diane here at WA, where I have said that we're going to keep the articles to 600-800 words.

Our websites are going from strength-to-strength, even with this lower word count.

In reality, I did this to prove a point.

And that is the point I have already made:

There is no "perfect" or "ideal" word count for an article.

The article is complete once you feel you've done the best you can and that you have satisfied answering the query posed in the title.

That's it.


Thank you kindly Partha for your information, I do have another question the other websites with lower word counts, are they blogs and are they still ranking?

Here you go Ruth And don't forget to read the comments as well, as you've probably gathered by now, I usually add a lot more "content" in the comments as well.


Thank you Partha, appreciate your help very much

Hi Partha,

This is another brilliant post from you that inspires me to create a new website and use your simple formula (finding good/crazy questions, checking Google page 1 for at least two pieces of UGC and writing 20 posts/month for 24 months).

I am ready to jump in!

I have a question - do you think translating the content into a couple more languages (I mean German, French, Italian and Spanish) could (potentially) speed up the process and bring even more traffic? Is it worth the time and effort?

Thank you for everything you do for the WA community!

Hey Anton,

Allow me to completely ignore your question and fire one back at you instead:

"Are you keeping things simple or have you just tried to complicate things?"


Do you get me?

Realistically, there is NOT ONE PERFECT WAY to achieve success online.

Some people will write far fewer articles than me, but use Facebook to drive additional traffic.

Some people will write far fewer articles than me and also promote on YouTube.

Some people may even convert all their articles into 100 different languages.

All of these people are still capable of succeeding.


There is no right, there is no wrong.


Of course, I could do so much more than I currently do.

But, why would I, if I'm happy with what I'm doing?

Another thing that I have often said here is to find the ONE THING that will drive your business forward the most.

Then spend 90% of your time doing it.

Those who are finding it difficult to move their business forward are probably spending 10% of their time on 10 different things.

This is also another form of Shiny Object Syndrome.

While doing this 10% x 10 may work for some, I'm not willing to take the chance.

I've found the one thing that works for me, and I spend 90% of my time doing it (quite often I have spent months-and-months giving this ONE THING 100% of my time).

Two words I like to completely ignore when people ask my advice are:



There are NO shortcuts.

In fact, those you try to take shortcuts typically find that everything takes longer, and often they simply give up.

This is merely my opinion, and my way of doing things, it's neither right nor wrong.


Hi Partha,

All clear! Get your point - laser focus on that proven strategy and not try to complicate it.

I think I am one step closer to making my proper mental adjustments before starting everything:)

Thanks a lot - your input is much appreciated!

Hi Partha,

You are the master of keeping this business simple. Just doing three things well and often, can change your life.

It takes me so much time to do research. I can write fast, I am glad you pointed out the importance of research and being able to do that efficiently.

It is time to read your posts and see how you do it. Then put the Nike rule into effect.

Rinse and repeat.

A hearty thanks.


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