Super Affiliate - What is it?

Last Update: September 24, 2018

Although I joined WA last year, I was focusing on creating a niche of my interest - which was running. As I was doing that, I never put too much focus on WA and the great articles that were being posted here.

I just recently started promoting WA and I regret a lot that I didn't start earlier. I only began a month ago and I already feel so much improvement in the website. As I was going through the great wealth of knowledge that we have at WA community, I came across something called the Super Affiliate Challenge.

I tried to find Kyle's blog that talked about it, but it didn't seem to be available anymore. I'd love to know or get that link if anyone has it handy.

What is a super affiliate for me?

To me super affiliate is someone that is producing consistent content and always on the improve mode. I choose to look at things from the effort put in rather than the outcose. Because if you're putting in the effort daily and constantly improving, the desired outcome is inevitable.

I would say that a super affiliate is posting a blog in his website at least 2-3 times a week - maybe even more. A super affiliate is also someone that improves his website everyday whether through adding pictures, improving the design or by getting more engagement. A super affiliate also responds to every single comment and replies them in a timely manner.

And above all, a super affiliate is someone that is consistent over a period of time. Not just for a day, or a week, or a month. But, until they start seeing the results that they want to see.

What is a super affiliate for you?

Now, I also want to hear all of your thoughts. What does a super affiliate mean to you? How would you define it and would you say you are working towards that attainment? Please comment below so we can all get to appreciate your hard work and help you as you are on that path.

Much success to you all!

P.S. If anyone has an idea about Super Affiliate Challenge, I'd love to hear it. Thanks a ton!

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firstlearn Premium
To me, a super affiliate has nothing to do with the amount you post Parmi. It is more to do with the amount you earn.

To earn a good income means you are posting good articles frequently. They are so good you get many people to your site and consequently many sales.

To qualify as a super affiliate you would have a minimum of 6 figure per annum.

ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Ah, it's interesting that you define super affiliate that way Derek! Yeah, for me the effort is what drives me. But, it's cool to hear what motivates you! Best as always!
PeterMay Premium
Hi thanks for this post. My aim is to be a super affiliate. I post as regularly as I can. with being a dad to two young children and working full time its difficult. ( Not impossible, but difficult )
I too have just started level 3 and progress has slowed a bit as the review post that I'm writing is a lot longer and more research was required than previous posts. But I will get there soon.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Oh that's great to hear that you're working hard Peter! Longer posts are harder to write, but also the ones that help generate the most traffic! Best to you!
WilliamChamb Premium
I am working towards that goal. I'm beginning level 3 and trying to take it all in. Thanks for your blog.
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Great to hear that you are William! Good luck with Level 3 and thanks for commenting!
juanster2017 Premium
I am working towards being a Super affiliate this means I have achieved a level of expertise that is recognized by my peers
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
That's great Juan! The harder you work, the more closer you'll get.
otikoroASH Premium
I am focusing only on my niche training for now but would you suggest I start powering through the affiliate program too? thank you for your post
ParmiAryal Premium Plus
Ashley, I would suggest to go thoroughly through the trainings that you started and really understand the content that the training is trying to teach. I think OEC training is a good place to start.

There is no point going through the training to tick the box. Rather than just powering through it, I would suggest you take some time and really do the things that they ask you to do at the end of every lesson. This is a great way to understand the content and also progress forward with building a website. If you choose to do the affiliate bootcamp later, your thorough understanding of the OEC training will make it a lot easier to understand the bootcamp training!