The Wealthy Affiliate Garden

Last Update: January 13, 2014

If you have trouble being patient while you grow your Wealthy Affiliate business, think of it as a garden. When you plant the seeds, you don't expect to wake up the next morning and find a jungle or Jack's beanstalk. You accept the fact that you won't even see anything poking through the soil for several days. Once those little green sprouts poke up, it will still be many, many weeks before they start to bear fruit or vegetables.

Your Wealthy Affiliate business will work the same way. You'll plant the seeds and get little "sprouts" in the form of your first few sales. They'll grow slowly but surely, and it will be a while before they bear their full crop of fruit, but it will be well worth it when harvest time comes in the form of money in your bank account.

Better yet, Wealthy Affiliate is the kind of garden that keeps on growing, even after that first harvest. Like a carefully tended orchard, it will keep bearing fruit as long as you fertilize it with timely posts and information to keep people coming back.

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auden Premium
Good analogy! Thanks!
superkik Premium
Thanks for the thoughts
Sades143605 Premium
Such a great way of thinking about it!! Thanks for posting this!!
goodsuccess Premium
Excellent analogy parkwriter. Remember you still have to keep the weeds, insects, and diseases out of the garden. It's always a never ending project whether it's a garden or a online business.
mackiejw Premium
You are sooooooo right. Thanks