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February 27, 2014
It's been a while since I've posted, and I promised to share my experience, so I figured I'd do a quick check-in. I'm still around, but my other businesses have been so busy that I've had to neglect my WA blogs. Things look like they'll slow down by the beginning of May so I can get back to the blogs and get things moving. I'm still getting some affiliate income, even with the little bit I've posted, so I can't wait to make that explode when I can finally devote more attention to them. I hope e
January 16, 2014
One of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate benefits is the unlimited website hosting. Granted, the biggest value is in the training because it's comprehensive, up to date, and comes with an active community that's always willing to help you. But the hosting has lots of benefits, too, and it was a big draw in enticing me to go premium. I have several websites that I've run for years. They were either hard-coded in HTML and Javascript back in the day (one dates back to 1999) or created with Dreamweaver
January 13, 2014
If you have trouble being patient while you grow your Wealthy Affiliate business, think of it as a garden. When you plant the seeds, you don't expect to wake up the next morning and find a jungle or Jack's beanstalk. You accept the fact that you won't even see anything poking through the soil for several days. Once those little green sprouts poke up, it will still be many, many weeks before they start to bear fruit or vegetables. Your Wealthy Affiliate business will work the same way. You'll pl
The New Year is almost two weeks old now, and we're entering a "danger zone" for many people. New Years resolutions are always made with the best of intentions, yet it's so easy to let them fall by the wayside. By the time February rolls around, too many of us have fallen back into old habits and abandoned all our good intentions. Keep your inspiration for the new year by willfully holding on to it. Remind yourself that January is just one small part of 2014 and that you have to keep working to
One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can pursue your passion and make money at the same time. I'm the sort of person who would be bored to tears sticking with the same job for a lifetime. I'm almost 50, and over the course of my lifetime I've done mainstream jobs (corporate trainer) and some more unusual things (led funeral processions on horseback). I'm a doctor of psychology and am a licensed counselor. I've been a freelance writer for years, which evolved from magazine work t
This idea came to me when I was updating my Wealthy Affiliate website last night. I thought about the different types of people I see here in the community. It truly is a diverse mix, but four types stood out to me because they're so common here. You can read about them in my post: Interestingly, I don't fall into any of those four categories. I found Wealthy Affiliate by accident, since I wasn't looking for anything like this
This is an exciting time here at Wealthy Affiliate because the new year always seems to bring a surge of new activity in things like business opportunities. People who have been looking for an excuse to take the plunge into online business use new years resolutions as their excuse to finally take action. It makes me sad to know that many of the newly inspired people who've made their own online business a new year's goal will get sucked into scams. Happily, Wealthy Affiliate is building up a
January 05, 2014
Yes, I know that January 1 was a few days ago, but it didn't really feel like the new year had begun yet. Lots of schools and businesses were closed for the week because of the way the days fell this year. Things don't really get back in gear until tomorrow. I'm kind of happy for that because I needed a "practice week" to get my 2014 schedule in gear. Also, I got whacked with the flu stick, so that got in the way of getting very much accomplished over the past few days. But the slow start is ov
I can't believe we're half a week into the new year already! There's so much I plan to do in 2014, but I wish it would slow down a bit because 365 days just aren't enough. Of course, that's a good reminder of why I have to identify and focus on my priorities. When you only have limited time, you have to "spend" your minutes, hours, and days wisely. I focus on two things to set the right priorities: the highest payoff activities and the best investments for future payoffs. In the former category
January 03, 2014
I was reading my community's intranet today, and once again there was a post trying to entice people into a "get rich quick" multi level scam. The person who posted it claims to be making a six figure income, yet just a couple of weeks ago she posted asking where to find the most deeply discounted theme park tickets. Doesn't sound like someone pulling down big bucks to me. Our intranet is rife with MLMs touting everything from miracle diet pills to health potions to legal servces to goodness on