Last Update: June 27, 2017

I recently had an opportunity to go to Confusion Hill, which is located in Northern California. It is called Confusion Hill because the structures built on the hill will produce optical illusions where you appear shorter by standing in one place and then will appear taller by moving a few feet.

The trip was enjoyable, but what truly amazed me was a list of ten commandments, listed on a poster on the premises, which were followed by the Native Americans who lived in that part of the country.

The commandments reminded me of Wealthy Affiliate.

Remain close to the Great Spirit.

Show great respect for your fellow beings.

Give assistance wherever needed.

Be truthful and honest at all times.

Do what you know to be right.

Look after the being of mind and spirit.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Dedicate your efforts to the greater good.

Work together for the benefit of all mankind.

Treat Earth and all there with respect.

All of the above sound like the Community. Let's keep working and do our best.

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cbuffone Premium
Awesome post, Amen.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you so much
donyutuc Premium
Nice! I never realized that native Americans have their own ten commandments. Great find Doc! I've driven up the 101 but not too far North of the San Francisco Bridge. Do you live in the Bay Area?

Thanks for posting Doc. Next time I visit, Confusion Hill would be a nice destination. Through wine country is it?

pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the read and comment. I live 2 hours north of San Francisco and Confusion Hill is 2 hours north of me near Garberville. Have a good one
MKearns Premium
I replied to another post about commitments and said follow the commandments to enhance them. I'll say the inverse here and close the loop. you can't lose by committing to the commandments!
pablocortina Premium
Amen. As always, thank you for the read and comments
susanmacneil Premium
That is beautiful! What a great alignment!
pablocortina Premium
The similarity between WA and the Native American philosophy was uncanny
vhHayley Premium
Really beautiful! From growing up with the influence of Christianity and the 10 Commandments... I really appreciate and greatly enjoy the way these commandments are written! Strong convictions that the entire world could benefit from when people live with these truths.

Thanks for sharing!
pablocortina Premium
You are quite welcome. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great one.