Two years later

Last Update: April 25, 2016

I can't believe it took me two years to realize MLM's and other quick money making schemes don't really work. I say that because two years ago I was on this very website creating a free starter account I've never pursued. Where would I be now? Hard to say but definitely in a better position! Enough with regrets, I guess.

I write this post not only to do "my homework" or learn something new, because I am a "greenhorn" believe me, but also to share with people in a similar position I was in or with the same dilemmas I had two years ago. Truth is, take this road, learn and build from scratch work hard because there is no success out there without it. Go Premium and stop wasting your time because there is no cheaper way to go. You have invested way more in a computer and internet connection and the value of what you are about to learn is worth a thousand times more.

See you all really soon.

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ricardo1 Premium
Bogdan, I too left WA and came back to upgrade to Premium. When I left I read "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill twice, then read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kyoski. The two books talked about the 16 principlces of the bible. When you apply them corrcectly they will work for you time after time, so I came back. Take a look at my training on "It's A Progression". You will find that it is over time. Many of us have left and came back for whatever reason, but I'm here to stay this time. Great post!
oxygen4oz Premium
Good luck to you.
ChrisGooden Premium
Sometimes you just have to chase your butt in circles just to make it register that you're actually going nowhere. You need to experience the anger and the frustration before you can actually knuckle down to real work.
oxygen4oz Premium
Well...that is over now; let's see what comes out!