Please give me some feedback on my first review page.

Last Update: March 19, 2014

Sorry everyone who tried to give me feedback yesterday. Didn't know I could only have one blog post a day. I haven't been here long enough as a premium member. So when I didn't post my URL. I had to wait until today.

So I am starting over and asking if you could please and Thank you in advance take a look and give some feedback on my first review page.

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Karyskis Premium
Very clean, concise and easy to navigate. Look forward to seeing it with more content and articles. Keep up the great work.
nomda ploom Premium
neat and heading in the right direction, good job- Andy
Inspiration1 Premium
Hi Osherrie, I have seen your site and I am giving my honest comments:
1. Your site is neat and tidy
2. Although you have asked for feedback on review page, you are yet to write your review page.
3. I shall discuss about your first page. It is mentioned that you are providing some tools. Except for the heading 'A-1 website builder', it is not clear that the tools are related to what. The purpose of your site as well as the page should be made clear to the viewers. Also you should emphasize how your site is going to help them. Definitely it's a good attempt. Concentrate more on the content.
I hope you will take my observations with right spirit.
edensbox Premium
Hey! There is another way to post in WA, up by your profile pic and your Rank, is a pin icon. You can use it to post as well. Blogs are once a day but the pen posts you can do as many as you want :)
giludi Premium
Gave you yesterday my comment. But even if you can't make a second blog, you can always use the reply button on your own blog or even give a comment. And finally you can edit your blog and add the URL. (blue button left corner beside the affiliate button).