1 organic visitor to my site - what an accomplishment

Last Update: March 01, 2018

This morning I woke up and wanted to check my analytics and see if something would have changed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. After working on my site for almost 4 months, and no traffic, I was thinking I must had done something wrong. I should have posted much more content than I have, but time has not allowed me to do that. However, i have consistently put up 1-2 articles per week. And no organic traffic so far.

Anyway, I was super excited to see my organic traffic at 1 visitor this morning. That means that google's spiders are slowing but surely noticing my site.

Call it a small success or nothing at all, but for me that moment was worth the 4 months of working. From here, things will change for me and for my site, for sure.

Wishing me tons of luck,


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accad Premium
1 single drop of water adds up to fill a glass.
Melissa901 Premium
It is a start which a huge accomplishment to be celebrated good job
Memorylaneuk Premium
Organic traffic takes time so you should be pleased with yourself with getting organic traffic, so early in your Website.
Wishing you every success going forward.
With Grace and Gratitude
HowardJaros Premium
JamesJB Premium
It's a good start...many more to follow :)