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Last Update: Nov 1, 2019

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Making money online isn't as hard as we can perceive to believe. Here in NZ when I say what I do on the internet most people look at me with a sideways like I must be one those Scammer dudes:). But I am not even trying to promote Make Money Online are anything related. The stats say that NZ is about six years behind the US in term of the future and tech. In the common world that is.... I don't know? What's it like for you.

Today I want to quickly share an entirely FREE and ultra targeted Method I used 8 years ago by engaging with some young US university guys, and they way they were making a side hustle that worked and it worked for me two. What better is although you need to be a little more strategic STILL works today.

Many of ya'll who are too busy. Or are entirely dedicated to your website would be too busy for this. But as I pop in and out of live chat and read new posts, and welcome new folks I see that there are many coming to wealthy affiliate who believe in the possibilities and dream about being here being successful. But are genuinely in a position where the initial subs are too expensive. If that's you then the method I am about to reveal could be a perfect way for you to get going just like it was for me...

Free Highly Targeted Needy Traffic Method

I was going to make this a training, but then it would be no help to the newbies who come here on the free starter program. Blogging it here makes it freely available and this could be a great resource for your referrals who disclose the need:).

What Is Needy Traffic that is ETHICAL:)

Well I say ethical because personally I don't do anything that's not! So what I mean as Needy is from the "problem" niches for example the "how to get your ex back" niche. That is a problem niche that people desperately want to solve. It is a good niche that potentially you are helping a couple get to the next level. Contraversely speaking.

Top Ideas for Needy Money Makers

Here is just a few niche Ideas for proven buyers of targeted traffic that anybody can focus on. Please feel free to add anymore in the comments here.:)

  • Relationship Problems
  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Pet Training
  • Cosmetics
  • Diy Stuff
  • Solar Seekers

I know that is a small list at the minute, but fact is if you can talk about and offer good advice about a certain problem that has buyer solution you can find something really good and offer it straight to them....

Long Lost Forgotten Targeted Traffic Platform!

As you can see from the answers below the banner on that pic It has been a decade since I answered a question over at yahoo answers. But another thing to note is all of the different categories right there at the simple click. Whatever you into people are still asking today:)

Because they are asking specially means that they are hungry for a solution! This is a Bum Marketer Prime Traffic source you can tap into right away.

It's not quite the same by way of 10 years ago you could get away with directly dropping an aff link and it would be un noticed. Today you DO have to be clever about that.?

Methods To Prevent Link Spammification

  1. Method 1 which is something I still do today is to purchase a cheap 99c domain and set up a 301 redirect to the offer you are going to answer Q's about.
  2. Install a 301 redirect plugin like 301 redirects, create a page with the product name and set the page to no follow. Then redirect that page to the offer as per plugin instructions.
  3. Create your own Landing Page or Review of the offer.

No 3 is the best particularly if it is in a niche you want to stick to because it can lead to some good metrics to send to the search engines. IE social shares, time on site, and engagement.

One other thing to note about Yahoo Answers is just like Quora It Is heavily moderated by both spiders and humans, so linking in every answer is risky and could get you banned so it is wise to answer lots of questions and only drop a link when you feel the Asker is serious.

Also a great thing that differs Yahoo Answers is that you can be country specific in the advanced search options.

This is a great source and I experienced a good start to seeing my online income begin. If your struggling with finances and have some time. Yahoo Answers is a good browser to keep open to be ready for new targeted questions to answer.

It is also a great Research tool that many folks have talked about for getting ideas to write about by asking niche specific questions. In fact there have been many an E book Created from Answers inside these types of platforms:) But I have found Reddit to be the BEST for that purpose.

Another Free Targeted Traffic Method That Is Still Popular

One other way to get more traffic to promote an offer to that still post up often is to find niche specific forums. There is a forum on everything. Many have tightened up and require you to build up trust before you can have a signature below your comments. But again it is worth it and high traffic forums can bring traffic to a popular conversation and top answer for quite a long time. You can use a search string as simple as: Site forum: Niche. And see what comes up.

So there is a way you can begin making money as an affiliate right away with no money down. even if it was to just test the waters. I did it and many have done, and there are still a lot of folks doing it.

What Are YOUR Thoughts And Or Questions: Do You Have Anything To Add?

I want us all to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate so if you have any questions I may be able to help about this I will do my best.

If any experienced Mentors have anything to add to help out new guns We would love your input. ?

As we all Know Sharing IS CARING so please don't hesitate:)

and every like I get I LOVE and feeds me to keep doing better.

Have a Blessed day!

Rob the OrGainIt Dude:)

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and to add up don't be perfect, be excellent! Perfection is an illusion.

100% true Florentino:) Perfection!..... Is just another creator of Fear. and a whole bunch of irrelevant self questioning, leading to many more wasted hours...
Thank you Brother.

Exactly, it is a trap. It could come back to you one time or another.

“When You Do Nothing then Nothing will be Done about Something.” Tom Short.

“Lack of Action Breeds a Lack of Ability.” Tom Short.

“When You do Something You Actually Become Smarter.” Tom Short.

“Building Trust is Slow, but it can be Lost Very Fast.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,


Excellent Stuff Tom.
Thank you for yours, and that powerful wisdom.
Blessed much

Thank you for sharing Robert. I didn't really 'get' it but will reread. Don't know how to set up a landing page yet, will learn about that and go from there.

Hey Linda:) nice to see ya.
I am sure if you took a brief look around it would come more clearer. And it can also be an already done article that answers a persons query. :) A landing page is basically a page saying

Hey! LOOK at this it can do this this and even that:)
a few words and bullet points.
they even guarantee it for?
image or video

Click here and see how it can bla bla
or sign up for free course, E book or report....

Lovely of you to stop by:)
All the best

Thank you very much for the explanation Robert, that really helps and makes it clearer.
Can I ask: Does it need to be a page or can it be a post?


Pleased about that:) And yes of course....
It can be whatever you think is best and has no matter. I use a page because my theme displays the whole page and no sidebar and a landing page it is better to be subject focused and free from distraction for a better click through rate.

That makes perfect sense, thank you very much for your help.

Thanks Rob. Some good tips. I will check out Yahoo Answers, and may look for other niche specific forums to post to. I use Quora quite a bit, and have generated some traffic from there. They will, on occasion, delete my answers if it appears I am only trying to get people to click on my link to my site. They don't, as I'm sure you know, allow affiliate links. Tom

Hi Tom. I have been getting into Quora a bit too, Mainly for the long term possibility to have google ranked questions over time. I too have had posts removed. They seem to like information posts and video's. Any hint of a sales strategy and boom it goes.
I am please you got some good from the post here bro.

Have an amazing weekend, Rob

Terrific post and great insight. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Brilliant Carson,
Thank you very much, I was in the chat the other day and a guy asked "why" does it say Carson2 is my personal coach. I was like woop woop! that guy is a rocking:)

Blessed weekend to you too!

Very informative. Congratulations on your progress, Rob!


Good Day Jeff:)
Thank you for all your encouragement bro it goes along way.:)

very best to you

Thanks! Have a good weekend, Rob!!


Great stuff Congratulation to you. They will work and when they work we can build more. Thank again. Keep up the good work all the best to you on your journey at WA. Have a great weekend. Fitzgerald

Cheers Fitzgerald.
You are right We can build many:) Fantastic weekend to you also brother!. Rob

Thanks for the information, I think I will need to read again as a lot of what you were saying whizzed over my head. However I can see it’s viable to worth the research from my perspective.

Thank you 👍

Hi Cordelia, I get that a lot too:) something take a day or two to sink in:) like I said feel free to hit me up if anything needs clarifying.:)
Many Returns Rob

Rob, NZ maybe 6 years behind from the US but you are on top of the techies and apps we require. And you said you are using some of them years ago. It's a good read. You give me a lot of information, especially on spam protection! Thank you, Dude! - Florentino

Thanks you kindly Florentino, It gives me great pleasure to know I am giving some good, and yip, a touch of be "spama" wiser :)

To Continued Blessings Rob


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