3 Reasons You Are Paying For Wealthy Affiliate Membership & How To Make The Best Use Of It?

Last Update: June 27, 2017

1. To Learn

Follow the training closely

If you have not started your training, start now with the Certification Course 1 here:

Get Rolling

Attend the weekly seminar

Listen to this guy who has been here for 10 years. The seminars are full of knowledge and useful tips (plus blasts of humor from Jay and sometimes the attending members)

Access it here:


Special program this week: Summer Hot Seat

Every hot seat webinar is HOT!! Some of the applicants are going to get personal reviews from Jay. If you are facing problems with your site or don’t know how to progress, sign up here to apply.

Point to note: Never ever deviate from the training and come up with your own methods, you are not doing justice to WA and your money.

2. To Connect

This great community we have here

>>> Quantity - 800,000

If you have been here for a while, you would probably have realised what an awesome community we have here and you can build up your connection very fast here.

If statistics can be trusted, we have the potential to connect with 800,000 members.

>>> Quality - First class

New and interesting articles are being written everyday by our members. Check out the latest post or the most popular hot topic that are taking place right now. Take part in the discussions, lots of information and knowledge here that you can take away with you.

3. To Apply

Are you working on your website as you take the training? Are you applying what you have learnt? Are you following the teachings to a T? If so, you will see results on your website. What Wealthy Affiliate teaches us works, and I have heard it from many people.

Work on your domain, and use the siterubix website as a testing platform for any new stuff that you have learnt and want to test out before they go live. Sometimes things work by trial-and-error and we have the perfect platform to do the trial part.


Here’s a tip, the 3 reasons above are actually 3 steps to get the most out of your Wealthy Affiliate Membership, i.e, (1) Learn (2) Connect and (3) Apply.

The only way to perfect something is to keep practising and keep going. Do these 3 steps over and over again until you reach success.click like to indicate your support, thanks!

Click like if you support me in this.

Or if you have other ideas or comments, please let me know below.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
well done and I could'nt have said it better
we don't have to reinvent the wheel...........
cheers again
onebluemoon Premium
Hi Phil,

Thanks for your support, always!
Carol46 Premium
This is certainly how to make the most use for paying for WA Membership, Moon. Thank you for reminding us :)
onebluemoon Premium
Yes, don't let your fees go to waste!
dgurtner Premium
Thanks for putting it all into perspective!
onebluemoon Premium
Glad it did.
qoxter Premium
Great post Moon! I couldn't agree more.
onebluemoon Premium
Thank you!
Emeolu Premium
Thanks for the information.
onebluemoon Premium
You are welcome :)