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Last Update: August 20, 2018

Business Entrepreneurship

The first person to coin the word ‘entrepreneurship’ in the 18th century was Richard Cantillon (Stevenson and Sahlman, 1990), and he defines entrepreneurship as a business activity concerned with bearing the risk of purchasing at a certain price and selling at an uncertain price.

An entrepreneur, among other things, is that person who creates a business enterprise, establishes it, and nurses it to survival and success (Siropolis, 1977). Therefore, men and women can become entrepreneurs for many reasons. Today men and women are really getting their niche in Wealthy Affiliate, coming up with business ideas online.

According to McClelland (1961), well-performing entrepreneurs are also reasonable risk-takers, self-confident, hard-working, goal-setters, accountable and innovative. --- That is what Wealthy Affiliate is.

Business Entrepreneurship is linked to the processes of creating a business concern. According to Agbonifoh et all (1999), Business entrepreneurship is an essential variable in any nation’s economic growth and development, and as a result has been substantially documented in such disciplines as psychology, sociology, economic, business and political science literature, among others.

They also, can be conceived as a process, which involves the efforts of an individual in identifying viable opportunities in a business environment and obtaining and managing the resources needed to exploit those opportunities (Hill and McGowan, 1999). Therefore, any managerial action by a business entrepreneur geared towards having and maintaining a balance between these opportunities and the relevant environmental issues will assist in the growth and development of an enterprise.

According to Stevenson and Sahlman (1990), entrepreneurship is the relentless pursuit of business opportunity without minding the resources presently controlled by the person (entrepreneur) pursuing the opportunity. This means that business opportunity is the major issue that unlocks the entrepreneurial process along the dimensions of strategy, strategic orientation or philosophy, commitment to business opportunity, commitment of relevant resources, control of relevant resources, the idea of management structure, and reward system these dimensions of entrepreneurial process distinguish entrepreneurship from administrative management behavior (Stevenson and Sahlmam, 1990).

Those are the trait I saw in Wealthy Affiliate platform, Kyle has the ability to dig-dip ahead of others, in terms of Research, information, new ideal that are yet developed fully or that is just trending, he would get this information available before others.

I was so amazed in an article written by him “There is Too Much Opportunity Online, Not Too Little”

Point Out:

“There are currently 1.9 BILLION websites online. 85% of these being inactive. The other 15% (active) accounts for approximately 285,000,000 online. This means that there is less than a 2:1 ratio between products an affiliate can promote, and the total number of websites in existence. That gives me promise, and to me indicates there is a big disparity between the number of products that need help with their promotions, and the number of actual websites. In fact, there are WAY more products, than there are people promoting them.

This represents a significant and long term opportunity for affiliate marketers.

People Like US Are Amplifying the Online Economy (Product Devs)

“A trend that has become very obvious in the past few years is that new products are being developed by PEOPLE, not corporations. With platforms like Amazon, Etsy, EBay, & Shopify, selling your own products has become so cost-efficient and without technical hurdles, many people are setting up shop as a merchant.

They are also seeking out affiliate marketers to promote their services, or they are selling it within networks like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay which offer affiliate programs.

The rapid pace in which new and innovate products are being created, plus the abundance of "selection" that it is creating with consumers, is leading to even more opportunity for those operating websites and that have a presence online.”

These are managerial trait for good Business Entrepreneurial. Different sacrifies had be made, they had conquered all odd, take some risk and exploit variable's to make the dream realistic.

I had learns so much since I became a premium and I'm still learning. Their involvement and efforts to identifying viable online business opportunities valued. Some member's are doing their online business fullly here in Wealthy Affilliate.

If you are a newbie reading this content, you are in the right place to evolve your business “There is Too Much Opportunity Online, Too Much Potential to exploit, the future is very much bright to belong. ” You will not just left to doing it yourselves, you would be guided with different training with videos, content, classroom interaction etc. to build your website to any length.

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