Raise the 2021 Bar, Get in Shape!

Last Update: December 29, 2020



lets not talk business directly here Today, just little about how to keep fit WA'ers,

So My Question is Simple

How's the FOOD! DRINKS, FAMILY AND THE DOG's [ that goes out to Jeffery! lol]

It has been an ultimately frustrating year for many, the by product of that of course is online businesses booming and adapting to world changes, needs and meeting requirements in services,

Here in China everything is pretty much normal with random outbreak of some travelers bringing the virus as a new form to Chinese Borders, however The government have fine-tuned their approach to containment and channeling the infected to registered and specially provided equipped hospitals strategically in chinese cities.

What I hoped in this post is to direct our efforts and optimism to this question. what are your 2021 goal and plans if any?

Personal and Business Schedule/ goals or plans for 2021, is there one?

I have moved from just posting reviews, article and posts on my websites, I needed a new channel of interest, refreshed, inspiring for the coming year!

Yes Nice Guess

I have achieved just that, with my Youtube channel, on ''fitness from china.''

Not talking numbers, I have found traction and interests in this area, one I hold close to my chest since a teenager with sporting interests, and armed forces training as a physical instructor [UK]

I believe I have found my forte, my landing hub, thanks to WA for this opportunity in finding it and sharing the experiences here with the community.

This is little ad-hoc i know, but I guess you get the salient parts of this article

advice for what its worth!

1. be consistent

2. Push forward and learn slow or otherwise is not the question. Grow is!

3. utilize your worth, skill set, experiences, character and personality traits, benefit from them in every way!

On to Lighter Things!

After XMAS festival period this is really the lastthing many of you will consider, however, a week from now you will be right?

Workout- get in shape 2021

As part of my Daily healthy lifestyle and Dailyworkouts, these are the kinds of meals I consume, though varying them as muchas I can, hope it is useful information, tips and guide,

2021 Could this be the year to Visit China? ~ may beit's time you do?

So .....!

After eating and relaxation this period you need toconsider how to '' Loose IT'',

No Problem:

I have just the Ticket to hep you on the road torecovery, join my workout its free really free on YouTube

Chris's daily workout, china


Let me introduce you to my Free Daily Workout HERE INCHINA

Daily Morning Exercise Rooster! Booster!

My series of Ongoing Videos

Aim of My Video Fitness

A Varied application will support all levels offitness

From body extensions, strength in ligaments movements,circulation, breathing, My simplistic shared tasks and routines,

Natural Environment Outdoor / Indoor [No Gyms]

My Raw video [no Beautifying], Follow me daily Iguarantee to improve your level and sense of well-being in short to medium timePeriod

My Achievement in a Few Weeks

It's takes me only a few short weeks to shape up, toneup and lose 4 pounds off my belly fat and waste, and still counting. Sincestarting this self designed Program here in China.

Why I do This

Primarily and Selfishly:

I enjoy my workouts, that works, no kidding,stretching, cardio, Holistic activities adjusted each morning, fresh air,

Real-Life Experience and Passion

My experience at Age 50 gives effective.and reality useful applications, believe it or not

How Old? ~ Ha! Ha!

My armed forces training, no glitzy posy routines,just real clean/ practical and efficient results

No Regrets

My Brother 48, America works ridiculous hours, heapplies himself to keeping fit weekly in his busy schedule, tough as it is

That is the greatest compliment

80 year Mum, ACTIVELY involved with my training sessions, and seeing the family inspired to participate too is cool

You Lose Some?

Poor health, Weakness, FAT, Low esteem, Confidence,being Pointed at, the odd one out, Heavy breathing, inability to participate insport, High cholesterol and blood circulation


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent post, Chris! Congrats on the YT channel as well! Nice scenery too, my friend!

Happy 2021!

olieben Premium
HELLO Jeffery
appreciate your words and congrats,
the scenery here is quite different to uk too i must say,
cultural my friend

so hows your 2021 plans comming along?
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks, Chris! Looks like you are staying in shape, which is a good thing, indeed!

I'm heading into 2021 full bore, my friend!

Have a Happy 2021!

IamTracy Premium
You shared some great advice here and some good tips. I enjoy outdoor exercise in nature. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you for 2021 :)

olieben Premium
Hey many thanks, your doing the right thing then getting ahead for 2021 and beat this covid-19
well-done and keep the glory going, you can check out my workouts both indoor on bed for less able and difficulties in hip and spine area,

happy new year!
Newme202 Premium
Awesome information Christopher. Thank you for sharing
olieben Premium
Hey glad to have put some info your way
i am sure you will have a happy new year too!
drjec Premium
I have two major goals as this new year begins. I want to lose 60 pounds and I hope to start a YouTube channel that I have been planning for awhile. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and optimism of your post. All the best in the new year.
olieben Premium
Yes we all seem aware of the significant changes both world wide and personal, god luck with that youtube thing, and yep check it out you may loose a few pounds ,,, ha ha