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DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL 2021(Zongzi Food festival) 3 Day HolidayZongzi is a traditional Chinese dish made from glutinous rice, wrapped in vine leaves mixed and stuffed originally with nuts, red beans, fruits, developing to wider ranges of meats. This holiday is generally a 3-day event where families would travel home.Chinese.take.these.holidays seriously, mainly as the family is separated for 6months or more, and from far-flung provinces and cities.Yet here in Shenzhen the hub of commerce and. bus
So here we are End of Chinese new year, The year of the strong resourceful and resilient OxenI have made several ticks in boxes already but set on drawing up more plans to accomplish more this year, how about you people?Business refining, re-evaluating and positioning in level of importance is crucial of course, so moving my primary interests to youtube, employment as a freelancer editor here in china, are some of those in progress. Have you, any of you ladies and gents had inspiration either f
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND COMING NEW YEAR 2021. ARE YOU ALL WELL?... SMASHING!lets not talk business directly here Today, just little about how to keep fit WA'ers, So My Question is Simple How's the FOOD! DRINKS, FAMILY AND THE DOG's [ that goes out to Jeffery! lol]It has been an ultimately frustrating year for many, the by product of that of course is online businesses booming and adapting to world changes, needs and meeting requirements in services, Here in China everything is pretty much normal wi
Hello WA'ersIt's been some time since my last Write-up here, I hope your Black Friday was a successful one, me personally I can't see much to be excited about and a little disconcerting as I have used the WA offers on my 2 sites, did you go good? was it as expected?All the same I was in the race is better than not entering at all right? Has anyone also seen a better buyers ''reach in purchasing'' this year considering our dreaded outbreak!I personally have shifted my interest and attention to
Drivelers Buses in Shenzhen's Pingshan DistrictPanda: China's First Fully automated Public passenger Vehicle is tested "Panda Bus"A Fully electric vehicle with 250 kilometers road time, high-performance artificial intelligence algorithms are applied in making decisions, planning, and to control the vehicle. It is also equipped with a palm print recognition system, so passengers just swipe their hands to ride, and a camera in the car that recognizes and analyzes various abnormal behavior The PAN
October 27, 2020
Travel Companies Unethical Behavior Refunds ASAP!Airlines holiday companies, and agents still have of $-£ owed to travelers by where, whose trips were compromised,cancelled or severely delayed due to coronavirus.Legally Speaking: Passengers Suffering cancellations are legally Bound and entitled to Their refunds in full – However, this is not an ideal world, Sadly, where countless cases not receiving a penny or dollar, it just isn’t happening.Reports SuggestThousands of travel
October 25, 2020
Who Likes Mondays? Not a lot I hear you say, well ditto, The good thing is though that you are geared up ready to get stuck in like it or not, right!?26-10-2020 This is one such day to me, Where a shortlist of 'to do's ' come into play definitively, What can seem a huge mountain of a task, actually broken down in absolutes, super priorities start to bring a logical and practical perspective suddenly!Reflection WeekendA quick reflection on the weekend to me helps, WHY!Well, it ties up the ends a
September 23, 2020
A REMINDER AND FAREWELL TO A FRIEND WHO SHOWED HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVEMy Sympathy on Loss of a Father and Genuine Friend: LeonUK to LeonWas a place of gentleman, kind and caring attitudes, he reveled in this viewpoint and in many ways imitated it with his flamboyance and wearing clothing that reflected and represented a gentleman, an educated one with style. He believed that to be a gentleman you needed to dress like one and behaved like one.Training Spell UKTime in the UK helped him to develop
Technical Glitch / Spam or ScamI have no Idea why this is happening WA folks but this is 4 times in 3 days?I am sent a matching interest Comments link from WA I follow it and respond to the request to read and leave a commentWhat happens is, after I complete all this and responded, I get this website is not available for comments? WTF!I don't know about anyone else but my time is super important and wasting it in such a none beneficial way is not inspiring or a confidence builderSome have worke
Googel stats are displaying incredible traffic to my sites, what the heck?After much reconfiguring, cleaning, restructuring, validating, speed testing [still not as good as i want] content re-jigging and key word improvement i see results higher than i expected, Hooray!SITES THROUGH-PUTChecking other sites i see a similar increase! is this across the board for everyone else?feedback please!chris