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Did you Also know!UPDATE ON CORONA VIRUS:BATS BEING CONSUMED Recently suggested strongly that ONE of the causes of the Virus corona is due to eating #BATS in #Wuhan, where also the majority of #deaths HAS #RISEN to #1200 has happened.#YEP!Also, new designed virus testersNew #testing machines are deployed to contain the virus and checking for its #existence in the #bodyCoronavirus: how a biotech boom is boosting Asian defensesIt’s not just investment, talent, openness to data and AI that
Wuhan in hubei Province is Noted for its unfortunate recent Corona Virus OutbreakCurrently more than 9,000 people have been infected globally, death in China stands at 213 peopleANNOUNCEMENTS IN PARKS AND RECREATIONAL AREASThis in reality could have happened anywhere else in China. The circumstance and environment may have added to the chances of this terrible instance so early in the 2020 year, this 2020 was regarded to Chinese as a very happy year for Chinese Mouse.The corona virus has struck
FEBRUARY 5TH UPDATE THE CORONA VIRUS AND ON CHINA AND HONG KONGHong kong residents and medical staff are supporting a close of the borders to china, the medical fraternity have gone on strike this action would be a nightmare for froeigners needing to travel out or in to china and hong kong for visa exit periods, A cruise liner has been held under Quarantine off Japan shores as 10 reported infected individuals are amoung the passengers [ leads us to consider that many more will also be infected
HUAWEI TO ACCESS OUR 5G SYSTEMS IN THE UKHuawei's Recent talks with PM Boris Johnson Has been achieved to accept the company with a 35% infrastructure. Planning and installing of their systems within the uk existing ServicesTRUMPS Resistance was also said that the US president Trump had resented this acceptance by the British Pm, stating her was ''Disappointed'' after pressure was put on Boris to not accept this Agreement with China's giant HuaweiBEIJING'S Leverage reviewing this it was also fo
CORONA VIRUSThe recent discovery and Global awareness fo this Conona Virus has given the world organization a headache, why? well after research on preparation carried out by the world health organization in countries globally it was discovered that they all fell short of a complete stratagy and resolution to manage, restrain and/or contain what would be called epidemic or pandemic that can occur anytime. Measures that should have been put in place to reduce risks, to create a '' safe guard ne
ChineseNew Year is Here!Bringing my urgency to get out This Week and find my new home!I have until 9th FEB to move things and relocateFlat/Apartment HUNTING in china is never straightforwardespecially post holiday periods, so It's been a doggone long week checking out locations, visiting people andapartments, many didn't look up to the photos, or what was written,I wasn't surprised [after my earlier travel experiences to china] and my blogabout this very thing, it still doesn't get easier, just
FOUR REASONS WHYMy 4 reasons why you should work for your self, be entrepreneurial, choose you own office space and location, and allow choice in your otherwise rigid lifeReal view and what I personally experienced in my career, and as a BOSS [China] ,Then Joining WA Working in an office many people and traditionally we all have adhered to the good old steady and reliabe-ish office work that give us an income to have a home, pay of the kids, holiday and general everyday life!Wonderful looking b
Hello FolksGlad to see my status has made it just above the 400 figure know how that happened but happy to be here.Just a little update on China for anyone interested, Yesterday I met at least 4 performers busking on the street, or more like a square or thoroughfare, this area is a library and concert hall area yet I saw and experienced foreigner and locals each performing separately in different places around this Square On Piano - westerner foreignerbands - philipinosolo artists - ChineseAll
A surprisingly Sudden change in December 2019Colder in Shenzhen China [south china] Than I can rememberHouses and apartments are not built to keep warmth in or Cold out seems. The temperature is generally Warm and sunny most of the year round in SZ, Approximately 3 months of the year it turns chilly Nos Snow just colder with a wind chill factor that bites. I had to nip out last weekend and purchase some warmer clothing, jeans and jacket for evening wear and of course to protect me during early
Happy Start to This New Week, I hope you all had a profitable weekend and BLACK FRIDAY EVENT?i stil havent any idea on that yet. Its Monday morning here in Shenshen China and still busy being the last day that the Popular flower show displays and activities in the city in all the Parks.Now to business, I have elected to not even take a peek at my compute or respond to any emails or Messages on teh phone, it was a complete disconnection fro Sunday, a wind down day with a good friend and hiking p