Is there something wrong with site comment?

Last Update: February 07, 2019

Hi all,

As I was trying to offer a site comment I came accross this problem where I cannot submit my comment. Is it just me? Does everyone have the same problem?

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TommyVTE Premium
no problems just receive a comment I ask for, but like the comment below by Phil1944 it seems there was a problem before.
Have a great day
phil1944 Premium
Yes, I reported it to Site Support around 4 hours ago and it was fixed around half an hour ago. It's working now but you'll have to refresh the screen.
NuttaneeK Premium
Thank you!!
Alysanna Premium
We're facing the same problem, Nuttanee. I just hope this will be resolved soon.
Kerjackie Premium
You're not alone, I had the same issue today, and I felt so frustrated to have spent time writing a comment and not having my credit, I believe that tomorrow the problem will be resolved.
NuttaneeK Premium
Hi Jacqueline,

I saw your post on my dashboard earlier as well. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully they will fix it soone.