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Hi everyone,I was wondering if you all have the same problem as me. I have just noticed that that my sitecomments doesn't get that $.50 incentive anymore but just only the WA credits.So, I was wondering if it is just me or you experiece the same problem. Or is there any changes that I am not aware of? I am qualified commentors and also always get the WA credit with the $.50 every other comment.Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Nuttanee
Well, I have ran across an error message a few times now."We ran into an issueOh no, it looks like this request has already been completed, please refresh your browser and try again."I mean, I get it that someone completed the comment ahead of me. However, I am a slow reader and I have to think before I write a comment just to make sure that it is a good one.What do you all think?
Dear copycat,I have recently seen you copied another comment and tried to use it again on my site to earn the credit fron sitecomment. "IT IS NOT OK!"I spent time and thought and even money to get comments on my site. If I see you abuse it again, It has been 4-5 times now, I will report you.Dear fellow WA members,Be aware of the comments. Thank you for giving such great comments. I just have to put it out there so that person is aware of it. That's all. Happy Easter!, I had way too much chocola
Hi all,As I was trying to offer a site comment I came accross this problem where I cannot submit my comment. Is it just me? Does everyone have the same problem?
January 31, 2019
Nothing much. Just want to express tht I have encountered many things and I wanted to give up.....but i decided not to.Thank you lord
This little tortoise finally made it to the finish line! Phew, so many things to learn and so many lessons. Will keep on learning. Good luck everyone!Nuttanee :)
November 17, 2018
Hi everyone!!!Hope everyone is doing well, the turkey day is right around the corner! Why I have just realized that, I received the email from Amazon this morning that my account has no leads and if so in 90 days, they will deactivate my account.Now, while life has hit me hard, juggling with work, WA,, social life, and married life, not that I alone struggle with that, I found thay I am in a limbo and still trying to get to the concept of affiliate marketing.I have seen so many posts on leads a
October 14, 2018
Hi guys,I just want to make this note to myself and maybe share to all of you, my friends. I found this week, thank god it's about to be over, very challenging. I have just started WA 2 months ago and everything strated off so well. I learned so much from the training and the supports that I get here is magnificent.However, life happens, I have bills to pay, and It is hard to balance out my job and WA. I HAVE BEEN WORKING & DAYS STRAIGHT!!! Thank god I am still alive. I am trying to do my b
It has been a long journey but I am proud to say I completed level 4!!!! One more to go and I am ready :) Just want to share and hope that everyone is doing great and follow their dream as well. Good luck guys! Thank you for all the love and support. WA is truly an amazing platform.Take care for now,Nuttanee
Hello everyone, Earlier this month I joined WA with no hesitation in mind. My goal is to be able to work from home as an affiliate marketer. Throughout the training, which has been roughly 3 weeks and I am at level 3, I found that there are so many distractions around me and the self-doubt that keep popping in my head.The worse thing is I am aware of it. However, every time when I do the study or research for the new product, I found myself either goofing off watching YouTube etc. So my questio