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Last Update: January 26, 2015

G'day WA family. I've recently browsed through the ambassadors here and viewed their websites to see how they are successful. The main thing I noticed is that most have a website to do with 'working from home', 'scam websites' or 'how to make money online'. Obviously these are all related to each other also.

Michelle04 & Labman both have dog websites which look great. id like to ask you all, why do most WAers have this type of money making website? Can you all compete against each other and the thousands of others out there.

The training here from Kyle & Carson go through finding a niche that you have an interest in, is everyone really interested in the same niche?

Cheers all, enjoy your day.


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MarionBlack Premium
When going through the Bootcamp Kyle tells us that there are literally millions of people wanting to make money online from their own homes. There is room enough for everyone in this niche. But that's not the only niche that can make money. Try to find something you are passionate about so that you will not lose interest before you start making money. It DOES take time and effort. ~Marion
Larry_T Premium
I have never gone through the boot camp myself, but am thinking about going through it after I have my site up and bringing in traffic. Thing is, many folks here at WA do go through the boot camp. They tend to use WA niche as the basis for their first site. From what I can see when I review their sites, the boot camp is a very valuable tool for learning website development. Bottom line is, many WA folks have used the boot camp and have worked their way up to become Ambassadors. These folks can be very helpful when you need help with your site. Because of the competition, I would doubt that they are making a lot if sales but they are gaining a great deal of experience building a WA site. I wouldn't worry about whether they are making a lot of bucks with their WA sites, but definitely make use of their experience. Like I said before they can be very helpful.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
Thanks Larry, I have followed many of these folks as tend to favourite great informative blogs that they post. Thanks for the reply. Cheers
BobBarr Premium
Have you looked at the affiliate program here at WA yet? If not, I'd highly recommend doing so. (Clicking on the white airplane icon at the top of the main WA page opens it.) The referral commisions pay quite well here.

There's also the Affiliate Bootcamp training available (7 courses) which teach you how to become an effective and successful WA affiliate marketer.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
I've had a browse through it but haven't had time to explore properly. I certainly will do when I become further developed. Thanks
BeingaMom Premium
Ambassadors are definitely successful within this community, but are the ambassadors necessarily the successful ones online (the ones making the most with their websites)? I didn't know there was any direct correlation.
Also, perhaps the ones that know most about affiliate marketing are the ones that help out others here the most, hence their "ambassador" status.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
Yes great point. Maybe just an assumption of mine.