Progress Report and Adjustments of Goals and Strategies Going Forth

Last Update: Jul 9, 2018

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The Last Month

I just spent the last 2 weeks hosting 13 colleagues and 23 students from 10 countries who came down south of the US for the 15th annual international comparative rural policy studies (ICRPS) summer institute. You see, ICRPS is a consortium of 12 universities from the US, Canada, Europe and South America, with interests in the role of governments and policies they espouse (at all levels) in taking care of their citizens, in particular those from the poorer communities and rural areas. The ICRPS summer institute rotates back and forth from a US or Canadian university to one outside of North America (South America and Europe).

It was very gratifying for me to have this institute held for the first time at my small HBCU. And above all, it was fun to work again (and for the last time for me) with the same group of professors and social scientists as well as with the new students who were eager to take in all that was presented to them and discussed on “social justice, rural and natural resource policy” as the theme of this year’s summer institute.

Progress Report or the Lack of Thereof

However, the prep work took me away for the last month from the mental focus I needed to have for successful WA activities.

Indeed, thanks to great support from this wonderful WA community I was at the point where I knew what our main focus was going to be about (see I even have gone ahead and started to review up to 10 different PD-related notes that will the subjects of different blog posts or messages.

Then I realized I didn’t have a website ready to carry out the messages!

Although I was happy to finish the level 1 of the certification course and declared in my very first blog “to have developed my first website ever”, I still had problems with

  • Choosing the theme for the website: I did not like the way my first choice appeared when recalled, and every attempt to change lead to more confusion on my part.
  • Understanding the role and place of Site.Rubix: e.g., when you have a selected domain on Site.Rubix, does that mean the domain name is also available outside of Site.Rubix?
  • Understanding the role of plug ins to get the website ready for search engines: e.g., the Home Title; was this not supposed to be the same as the domain name? I remember putting there what I thought was more of a specific niche, and not the domain name per se! Thus, I never had a functioning website!
  • Creating the site content: Although I was able to create a blog post (that went nowhere), I had challenges to line up the different pages and to properly include privacy policies.

I pretty much understand how I got myself in this predicament, which includes:

*my desire to understand things on my own before I can ask for help

*my not going step by step through lessons for the level 1 modules

*my slowness in deciding to use transcripts and in realizing that the video screens were expandable! And don’t you laugh here, because age is catching!!!

Going Forth

For my 4th month here at WA, I am going to

  • redo level 1 lessons 1, step by step
  • ask questions “by all means necessary” whenever I get stuck
  • finish most of the certification course modules

And by the end of the 6th month, I shall have

  • finished all of the certification course and be more helpful in the WA community
  • two functional websites (one through Site.Rubix, and one through the “regular” domain name market, if this distinction makes any sense!)
  • gained enough skills to go to my 3 other personally held websites, and starting to change content on them, instead of depending on other people in order to make even some minute changes.

Questions to You

  • Is it worth it for me to continue developing the same website, or just delete all of it and start anew?
  • Is the domain name selected via Site.Rubrix applicable outside of the Site.Rubix environment?

With much appreciation,


Recent Comments


Great way to reach out and use this community to bounce your ideas off of. Through questions like this in blogs, by typing your question in the smart search bar, and by using live chat you can really take full advantage of this awesome community.

What you want to do with your site is completely up to you. If the site is very new, there’s really no harm either way. To see if a .com, .net, or .org domain is available, go to Websites>Aite Domains>and then type in the domain you like and see if it’s available :)

It certainly makes sense to me. Thanks a bunch, Jennifer, for commenting on my questions.

Great work so far! As for your domain, I would suggest searching .com, and see if it is available before you get too far into building on site Rubix. While all my sites are built on domains I own, I know it may be possible to choose a name, ie, that may not actually be available for purchase. I know some have said that the name is not as critical as the content on the page, but it may not hurt to see if your name is available first. Then you can easily transition from Site Rubix to your hosted domain when you're ready. I hope that makes sense.

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