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We seldom lock our vehicles that we park in the driveway behind our house. That's how safe we felt about the relatively small and lovely southern city (with a major state university) where we have been living for the last 25 years.Until today! As I was trying to leave to go to a neighboring state for a family business trip, I noticed that the door was not well closed. For a second, I thought that I or my spouse might have forgotten to shut the door all the way the night before!Then I noticed th
The Last Month I just spent the last 2 weeks hosting 13 colleagues and 23 students from 10 countries who came down south of the US for the 15th annual international comparative rural policy studies (ICRPS) summer institute. You see, ICRPS is a consortium of 12 universities from the US, Canada, Europe and South America, with interests in the role of governments and policies they espouse (at all levels) in taking care of their citizens, in particular those from the poorer communities and rural a
Let’s me start by wishing all the fathers (at least here in the US) a Happy Fathers’ Day!Overall, I give myself a B. A solid B, that is. And how do you score yourself as a father? The Criteria: I have come to believe now that the roles of a father are to Protect, Love and Guide children, in that order, at least, at beginning of their lives. Protect means to provide physical presence, shelter, clothing and food. Love means to proclaim, feel and consistently exhibit those feelin
Parkinson’s Disease (PD)! Why is that difficult to communicate about one’s specific health conditions?The Genesis I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in June of 2015, right after I turned 65. I can remember when my family doctor suggested that I might have PD. He hesitated to be the first one to say those words. Although PD was suspected from our readings and family discussions during the week leading to the visit to my doctor, the first reactions were those of
Introductory ParagraphNtam and Bernice here! Two sixty-something years old folks; have stuck together as a couple, through irks, perks and aches of life, and amid some cultural differences; have raised 5 children altogether and blessed with 5 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; and as parents with backgrounds in social work and development economics, have learned a lot in the areas of decision making for family-wellbeing. As we attempt to document lessons learned (and still being learned),
At about one month of joining WA, I know am behind in terms of finishing up my training for the certificate in entrepreneurship, but now that school is out, I should have more time this week to catch up. Since I promised fellow newbies that I will stay in contact with them in order to share notes and encourage each other, I revised my last blog to reflect a better understanding of what I have learned so far about WA. In my own and revised words, ... WA is not a quick money type of scheme. It
Although I am very new here at WA,I believe that welcoming fellow newbies is something that I want to be doing in order to initiate support for each other from the get go and share whatever tips or (or unsolicited advice) that might help them to kick-start their online marketing dreams much more smoothly than I have so farWhat have I learned so far? In my own words,...WA is not a quick money type of scheme. As I understand it, it’s about getting a large number of potential consumers to c
Yeaaah. I created my first website and blog post, ever! It gives me the courage to revisit my two previous Word Press site and head to Site Manager. However, I will still need some assistance with the one in question here. And about developing a niche, ... "All Things Better for Us Humans" seems to be the general area of interest for me and Bernice, starting with "All Foods Organic and Healthy Behavior/Lifestyles". Is that too wide of a niche?Another area of interest for me personally is the e