I just created a website!

Last Update: Sep 1, 2018


This was fast, I didn't think the course will just make me create a website right away. Its preatty cool.

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Hi, Ilona.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

You recently followed me here on The Wealthy Affiliate Platform and I followed you back.

Welcome again.

Setting up a website through Siterubix/Wordpress is really fast and easy to do. It is not unsimiler to any other website builders on the net but it comes with a huge difference. The platform here allows you to move forward without having to access 'Third Parties' for the continuation.

Once your website foundation has been created, now the challenge begins. Setting up pages, doing the legal stuff, writing about yourself, structuring for ease of navigation, keyword research, writing posts of relevancy, SEO and so on. This is where WAU leaves everyone else behind.

Everything you need is under one roof. Step-by-Step direction by Kyle backed by Carson (technically) and the team, and all very transparent with live weekly training every Friday Evening EST courtesy of Jay Allen.


Use the knowledge you gain from the hands on training for whatever you want to do and do it at your own pace.

If you are completely serious about building online or just a side hustle, go to Premium Yearly and lock yourself in for huge savings.

Because WA took an initiative back in 2012 to become more 'Open Source' with their 'Open Education Project' they are now in a completely different league, And their community will never 'fizzle' out as what happens with so many other educational programs out there.

When you are ready, you can list your website on the bottom right hand side of your blog post home profile page here. You can also ask for comments and feedback for your site and that is described through the training.

My only one piece of caution to you is to not 'jump ahead because the program seems too simple.' In reality this program offers information that others charge thousands per year if not per month for.

Congratulations on creating a website.

Regards from Canada,


The whole place is pretty cool. You will like it. Good luck, remember we all help each other where and when we can.

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