Some Light Notes on "Side Hustle"

Last Update: October 13, 2019

Do you have a "side hustle"?

Imagine the light is your paint on the end of your virtual paintbrush. The digital design is your life passion making a painting of your life to illuminate the universe. Pausing in a single spot can melt right through the canvas, or make a light so bright it burns the eyes of onlookers.

Each stroke is a new neon mixture that can explode by the power released splitting the DNA strand in a single molecule smaller than a pinpoint. And the secrets released only of benefit to those who use the energy to take action, thus potentiating the bonds of digital freedom lest it fizzles into a cold darkness of forgotten or demented demensions.

Sparks fly like a welder's arch resting in the right nooks and crannies to form a hot bond that will hold the cold metal until the cows come home. But the brands that stick have held the light in an intensity and burned a beautiful picture into the canvas that can still be seen when you close your eyes (without retinal damage.)

Have you been asked how is your side hustle? It is a curious question, so how is your side hustle? ...but what if all my work is my main "hustle"?

The diverse meaning of the word hustle can be several very different things. Hustle is the term people use when there is a scam. Like a crooked salesman selling a lemon car with the fender duct taped on that falls off as the customer takes off making more sparks in conundrum, as metal alights with concrete.

Nurses are abuzz with the term side hustle. When nurses hustle, I think of them running down the hall for code blue... THEY HAD BETTER HUSTLE!

...Or the hustle of earning income. I know that can feel like an endless hustle. This is especially true without practice or guidance in using the digital light paints.

Which form of hustle is referred to in the mastermind groups? It is often in reference to a small
side business in a special niche.

No matter what the main theme of the side hustle, this is curated to fit people who need the help of a kind guiding light.

Side hustles in nursing businesses are including, but not limited to: Coaching, Life Care Planning, PRN as needed or on call, selling skin care products, creating and marketing nurse bags, audit services, legal nurse the list goes on keep in mind that these can also be a main business theme.

Everything relates to a main theme of helping others, but all side hustles then are your main hustle...right?

We don't want to burn out eye sockets or put too many proverbial eggs in a single basket. We also don't want to be so disorganized with it that sparks and strobe lights that status epilepticus turns into a digital virus.

Laser focus on planning and implementation and let your light shine for the future to see. Side hustle or main gigs all need focus in order to glow warmly with Google love.

Once the discipline of the imaginary light is purposed correctly, it can give specific focus like lasix for former blindness. This is true whether it is a side hustle for part time business, or your main company mission.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, I see highlights of businesses flourishing like neon lights of a Las Vegas night.

The learning and encouragement has brought a vision of colorful fluoresce and inspires each day to be my own kind artist in this community.

Thank you for joining me in discussion and likes. This is an open discussion for potential members to hear from the Wealthy Affiliates. If you enjoyed reading this, please would you answer the question for members:

1. How has Wealthy Affiliate shed light on your business plan?

2. Is this your "side hustle"?

3. What type of niche are you working with, or interested in?

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Twack Premium
You had the 'flow' going on there Becca....took me on a magic carpet of words.

WA has shed light on so many things I didn't realise were there, hidden, waiting to come out and shine.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
🎆 thank you!!
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for sharing Becca. You are always a good read.

Wealthy Affiliate is my side hustle. I am learning how to take my Personal Training business online and promoting WA at the same time.

And getting paid for both.

I can offer discounted Personal Training to people as an incentive to try WA Premium. I can offer WA Premium as an added incentive to purchase Personal Training.

Get in shape physically and fiscally with one coach for both.

This coming year the first $68($19 + $49) of money paid to me for Personal Training is going to WA. I get a Premium referral, they get 9 weeks of WA training in addition to Personal Training.

And a coach/mentor in both areas.

Helping people fiscally and physically.

My niche training + WA training sounds like a good business plan.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Outstanding! you are most welcome🙂 i love it. thank you for the great input and example
AllanG2 Premium
Hustling and helping is the best!
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I agree with you on that🙂
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I want WA to be my full-time hustle!! I'm slowly getting there! This is a great post, Nurse!🥰❣
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Thank you! Let's hustle to help some peoples
don1rock Premium
Very eloquent post!
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
Thank you🙂