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DUM BASS! Do we all know not to mess around with nurses? I reviewed an email this morning from the Oregon BON. Who are the BON task forces? They are nurses charges with a duty to communicate a despicable scam targeting people who are nurses. Social engineering and repulsive red flags for my Wealthy Affiliate family enveloped in a rant ah lah Becca.Have these spoofers, scammers or social engineers any sense? Or know a word called Karma? Nurses are here for you, through thick and thin better or w
Traffic is getting BetterTraffic can be a bad thing for creating smog yet a good thing for your website! The more organic visits has me pretty excited and you can also get sales off paid traffic but this example from my site is all from Jay and Kyle's SEO training here at Wealthy Affiliate.Ever since the beginning of the spreading ooga chakka virus shelter in place orders, The traffic on the highway not too far from home was very few and far between. I don't know if that is getting getter or wo
July 18, 2020
In just under 1 week...2 articles I built in Site Content on Wealthy Affiliate have raked in a fast ranking from Google! ☆☆☆3 cheers to my friends and followers and I can't help this but how ironic --- one of the works is named With Liberty We Prevail!Thinking of what to do to pay it forward besides blog like becca nurses do best...I have to give a shout out to you!!!Thank you so much for your likes and comments🙂For sending a nifty note to respond I cannot thank you en
A Nurse Becca Blog Brought in Welcome by our Worldwide Wealthy AffiliateThe power of a drop of human blood....introducing:An invisible mantra of immune strength.***And recommendation / review for a great book I just finished reading. Pat Iyer composed 52 Writing Tips for people who want to publish a book. And learn to market with authorship to gain clients and build business.It also includes fantastic insight for bloggers who want to easily sharpen their focus.With a Nurse Becca Blog jibba styl
"This is getting real!" they said!2020, The year it got real, what do we do with it?Within the Wealthy Affiliate community, successfully we can followed the 2020 graduating class motto, BE KIND AND FIGURE IT OUT.When did it get "real" for you @ Wealthy Affiliate ???Not in rhetorical and theatrical ways, but it has always been real for me.I can think of many scenarios that make people feel distressed, but after reflecting on the motto BE KIND AND FIGURE IT OUT, it makes me want to open the floor
We drove past dead goats, the trip toward Coeur d' Alene here are reflections along the roadside of the journey.We Watched part of Jay's webinar on the route, and thought of steps in order to benefit the best from Jay's Webinars.Some achievements we have made, and preparing the great speech of pride a parent gives to their child. Who beat the curve by graduating among st the locked down youth who are deprived the privilege of in person graduation.Despite toilet paper shortages, hand sanitizer r
June 01, 2020
A cubic zirconium diamond looks quite realistic to the naked eye, so much like a diamond but they differ in value... Like A Swipe copy may resemble a personal invitation. Until you look closer. People are smart and may notice the flaws, but still a diamond is worth way more, as a personal invitation may hold its value by the investment of time you have made.Bear with me, the poet in my heart may sound confusing. I'll try to explain.This has been on my mind since earlierInside Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate offers the experience and framework for building your own courses in a specific niche or create classes that show members how to do special tasks.These are rewarded for credit you may exchange for cash.I want to walk through the practice area we have as a great sandbox on building training inside WA. These learning topics can be beginner or advanced. Try to think of subjects which spark imagination. Here at WA, there is an enormous opportunity to build your own classes and con
A relaxing rant for Wealthy Affiliate community ah lah your Becca nurse...Pondering images of trenches in nursing worlds where the recycled isolation gowns rip and disintegrate, the gloves are all expired. A nurse throws the keys at you and runs out the door on lock down unit. Sinking feeling in the gut getting sealed off and surfing the charts. One patient positive for Bed Bugs, Scabies, Lice, Multi drug resistant germs, and chest xray glassy shards suspicious of CoVid... little beads of sweat
I posted my lips after the reaction swelling went down, hives healed and still kicking pushing forty...With the PPE requirements, I wonder is anyone else missing smiles?Are all the gloves expired in your healthcare facility?Do you get a new mask every day?Do you wonder if people miss your smile or people who can't hear can understand?More research is needed to see if tears carry the newly emerged virus or can transmit that. Smiles surely transmit love and caring.Let's prove Wealthy Affiliate sm