Where is everybody from?

Last Update: April 12, 2018

Going through the various posts on here, we have people from all around the world. I am from the UK and it so refreshing that there is people around the world all on one site in one community. I wish every member the success in achieving their goals. So not much of a blog today but more of a question - Where is everybody from?

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SeasideFunk Premium
Hello from Palm Coast FL
NiteshMistry Premium
sorry I should have mentioned from Birmingham, UK :-)

keep it coming everybody
TNewkirk Premium Plus
Hello, I live in Illinois, USA
I just love the community here at WA. I have asked several questions and have gotten answers very quickly. Previous program I was in I might get an answer in days if not weeks
NiteshMistry Premium
This is my first website subscription, I was going to join another one from google search carried out but when I did research found it not to be very good.
KevinOConnor Premium
Originally from San Francisco, California but now rural Alaska
manne13666 Premium
I live in Nebraska, USA.

I think it's so amazing that people from all over can gather in one place and help each other.

Take care.
CarolMeador Premium
Me, too, Michelle. If only the world's leaders would do the same. I think Kyle and Carson have stumbled upon a great tool to promote world peace. Carol